Heroes and Heartbreakers Exclusive Excerpt from Chalvaren Rising

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Here’s a special treat for my Readers – a longer snippet for this week’s journey into my writing.

An exclusive excerpt from Chalvaren Rising is featured over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. (You’ll need to register to read the full excerpt, but that’s painless.) Feel free to comment, and share with your friends if you’re so inclined. Regardless, hope you enjoy the story.


Special thanks to Chris Keeslar and Boroughs Publishing Group – Where Story Matters

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Are you searching for your next favorite romance? Chalvaren Rising can meet that need.

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     Naked now, with nothing but the Dragonstone hanging from her neck and long strands of blonde hair cascading over her breasts and hips, Kort drew in a tight breath.
     “Beautiful.” Gently he cupped an ample breast and kissed Mia again. His other hand fluttered down the curve of her waist to her buttock, and he squeezed her tenderly, wanting to feel her sleek curves against his skin. She sighed his name in a breathy whisper, and arched her soft body against his chest. He nuzzled her pointed ear and when she gasped, she pressed her body to his. His royal blue aura sparked to life and zipped across his bare skin. “So beautiful, my Mia.”
      Her hands went to work on his trousers. “Take these off,” she demanded, and loosened his belt, “because I’m dying to see you too.”

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Chalvaren Rising Excerpt, Kissing, and Romance

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In a heated battle against the forces of black magic, Mia’s learned her last remaining blood relative, Isa Ansgar, is a Wizardress who wants to steal the Dragonstone. Isa plans to use the fist-sized amethyst’s power to take over the Kingdom of Chalvaren. Kort’s determined to find a way to convince Mia to stay with him, with their dragons, so she can be part of their future dynasty.

    “Kort, I can’t stay…” Mia said, and thrust the Dragonstone into his hands.

     “When I made love to you, when you let me touch you like that, everything about that old life I led here ten days ago slipped right out of my hands.” He stopped talking. If words couldn’t change her mind, he suspected his actions might break through. He looped the Dragonstone’s chain back around her neck, then pulled her face to his with both hands and kissed her.

     She responded hesitantly at first then wound her arms around his neck. Mia went in deeper with the kiss and tangled her tongue with his.

     I got through…she’s terrified, yes, but this can work. “Stay,” Kort groaned against her lips, “Magnus needs you, Mia. I need you.”

#National Kissing Day

I never knew there was a National Kissing Day, did you? All the trending action on Twitter back in June about National Kissing Day taught me different, though. I think it’s a great idea, and next year I think the powers-that-be ought to elevate the day in June to a national holiday. More kissing is always a good idea.


Turns out, I like writing romance, and I like reading intelligent stories with an aching romance at their heart. I like suspense in my stories too, but for me the central romance and a happily ever after is key.

#What the World Needs Now is Love

Seems like this timeless classic love song means more nowadays than ever. With all the troubles in our world wouldn’t it be great if we could all focus on loving each other, and lifting up the good in our world, rather than perpetuating the bad? Sharing positive posts on social media is one way I help out.

Oh, and kissing my Sweetheart.