Fireworks, Independence, and Fantasy Romance


Mia gripped Kort’s hand tighter, and said, “Before my parents died they told me elves would come for me someday, but my father didn’t say I’d get to rescue a dragon.”
      “Did your father say why he stole the Dragonstone and hid you away for twenty years?” Mia flinched. Defending her father’s decision to do just that might prove daunting considering Kort Elias was the Prince of Chalvaren, and next in line to the throne.
      “He did it to prevent a war, a holy war, I think…” Mia glanced down at the sleeping dragonlet, and tried to remember all the details. “He said there was a struggle between heaven and hell, or good versus evil, if you want to think of it that way. A wizard who practiced black magic was killed for summoning unsanctioned power, and his wife went crazy. That struggle threatened to tear the seven kingdoms of Chalvaren apart, so my father took the Dragonstone so she couldn’t use it against Chalvaren.”
     Kort pulled her closer, nodding, “Magic should be used to sustain life, not take it. Our alliance is at peace now, Mia … for the most part.”

Update: Chalvaren Rising is due out July 14, 2015, and I can’t wait to share this story with everyone. Check back soon for the cover reveal and pre-buy links. Hooray!!


We always got together as a family when I was a child to watch fireworks in Savannah on the 4th of July to celebrate the holiday. Where’s the best fireworks show you’ve ever seen?


Kort and Mia will face incredible odds fighting for their kingdom’s independence in my upcoming release, Chalvaren Rising. The external story provides a battleground, dragons, hearty opposition, and a chance for my Readers to cheer this couple on while they fight to ensure the freedom of their kingdom.


The internal story, though, is about family. While Chalvaren Rising is set in a fantasy world, steeped with breathtaking fantasy characters and magic, the structure is laid on the bones of the idea that love is worth fighting for. It’s about two people who fall in love, face extreme odds, and how they choose to work through opposition and stand together to protect their future dynasty.

I think the best fantasy stories in the Universe show me how similar we all are, how interconnected our hearts crave to be.

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If you’d like to read more of Kort and Mia’s story, start here with Dragonstone.

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Where Story Matters

National Kissing Day, Romance, and What The World Needs Now Is Love


It’s time for 8 Sentence Sunday again, and this week’s snippet from Chalvaren Rising focuses on a certain kiss.

In a heated battle against the forces of black magic, Mia’s just learned her last remaining blood relative, Isa Ansgar, is a Wizardress who wants to steal the Dragonstone. Isa plans to use the fist-sized amethyst’s power to take over the Kingdom of Chalvaren. Kort’s determined to find a way to convince Mia to stay with him, with their dragons, so she can be part of their future dynasty.

    “Kort, I can’t stay…” Mia said, and thrust the Dragonstone into his hands.

     “When I made love to you, when you let me touch you like that, everything about that old life I led here ten days ago slipped right out of my hands.” He stopped talking. If words couldn’t change her mind, he suspected his actions might break through. He looped the Dragonstone’s chain back around her neck, then pulled her face to his with both hands and kissed her.

     She responded hesitantly at first then wound her arms around his neck. Mia went in deeper with the kiss and tangled her tongue with his.

     I got through…she’s terrified, yes, but this can work. “Stay,” Kort groaned against her lips, “Magnus needs you, Mia. I need you.”


I never knew there was a National Kissing Day, did you? All the trending action on Twitter this past week about National Kissing Day taught me different. I think it’s a great idea, and next year I think the powers-that-be ought to elevate that one day in June to a national holiday.


Turns out, I like writing romance, and I like reading intelligent stories with an aching romance at their heart. I like suspense in my stories too, but for me the central romance and a happily ever after is key.

#What the World Needs Now is Love

Seems like this timeless classic love song means more nowadays than ever. With all the troubles in our world wouldn’t it be great if we could all focus on loving each other, and lifting up the good in our world, rather than perpetuating the bad? Sharing positive posts on social media is one way I help out. Oh, and kissing my Sweetheart. How about you?

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Chalvaren Rising, Fantasy Romance, Geeks

The Dragonstone has returned.

Talking Dragons, Determined Heroines, and Fantasy Romance

   Chalvaren Rising, Fantasy Romance, GeeksFantasy Romance, Author Paula Millhouse, Boroughs Publishing Group, Happily Ever After, Elves, MagicDragonstone - Paula Millhouse - Dragons - Elves

  “If I can get your wing tip covered with this salve I think it could heal by morning,” Mia said.
      Garnet reared back from her and curled his lips at the stench. Sharp white teeth greeted her, and his eyes glittered with revulsion. “I don’t think so,” the great red dragon said.
      “But, you’ll feel so much better.” Sure, the stench of the salve was a sacrifice, but still… She held up a hand covered in the viscous ointment she meant to smear on his cuts. He skidded away from her like a small child, lifted his magnificent head, and covered his nose with his injured wing. “No.”
     “Don’t you dare try to run away from me!” He recoiled, hissed, and attempted just that. She chased him around in a circle, and Garnet squawked out quite an unchivalrous sound.
      She seized the moment, scrambled up his back, and smeared his wounds with the foul, malodorous mixture. He squirmed and growled and howled and writhed, but Mia was fast, and showed him no mercy. “Hold still, you big baby! This won’t hurt but for a second …”

Talking Dragons

Garnet the Red makes his fiction debut in Chavlaren Rising, coming this summer from Boroughs Publishing Group. While he’s a very special dragon, in this scene he’s acting just like any other male who doesn’t want to be tended.

Determined Heroines

Mia Ansgar makes her debut in Dragonstone, but in Chalvaren Rising she’s finding her way amongst her fellow elves, and their dragons. In this scene, Mia’s clearly got her hands full trying to patch Garnet up, and tend his wounds.

Fantasy Romance

Mia and Garnet set out on a quest to recover Elf Prince Kort Elias and Magnus the dragonlet from their abductors. Do you like fantasy romance stories with a quest at their heart? I’d love to go on a quest with a talking dragon – just seems like my kind of fun.

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