Antagonists are the Heroes of their own Story World

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The best stories, the ones we really remember, are drawn by how well the author lets the antagonist challenge the main characters.


My favorite heroes are the ones who learn something significant about their own world from their antagonists – usually a villain – who embodies the lesson the hero needs to take to heart, to change their world for the better.

The Story World

Antagonists want to rule their story world, no matter the setting, and the best in fiction use all their resources to keep the main characters away from the prize.

So, what about you, Readers? Who’s your favorite antagonist from fiction?


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Liberty and Freedom come at a cost…


As I cooked dinner tonight I couldn’t help feel like maybe the people who suffered at the hands of a terrorist in Orlando last night might like to be cooking dinner tonight for their loved ones too.

Take care these next few days. People who have agendas will try to sway us all away from the real issues that plague our country. Right now we need each other more than ever.

We need to act like, and think like smart, informed citizens who believe in Liberty, and Justice for All. People who help each other and turn a cheek away from extremists, and shut their rhetoric out.

Liberty and Freedom come at a cost. They always have. While we all want things to be easy, and smooth, and to live in a world without conflict, that’s not the reality we live in.

We may have to raise guns against threats like this to protect ourselves, our communities, and our loved ones.

Terrorists should never be negotiated with. That hasn’t changed today, even in gun-free zones, and it never will, friends.

May God bless and keep the American citizens slain and wounded on our own soil, and all their people. May God bless all of us and keep us safe.

And, may God give us the courage and competence to act, as citizens united, to stand up against these very real threats.

Top 10 objects dragons tend to hoard…

It’s a well known premise dragons are hoarders. Here’s a few additional secrets we found out in our travels through the Kingdom of Chalvaren.

Dragons like to hoard:

10. Beanie Babies – because some day they will be worth a lot of money, you know. Dragons love beanie babies and use them to soften the floors of their caves when they sleep.

9. Playing Cards – dragons tend to get bored while waiting on their riders and like to keep themselves busy. They play poker, because dragons love the idea of gaining more treasure even at the risk of taking it from their fellow dragons.

8. Silver – good for fending off werewolves and vampires.

7. Princesses – it’s true, and this field of hoarding tends to draw in knights, another favorite object dragons like to hoard.

6. Chickens – tasty snacks, most dragons prefer their chickens roasted rather than fried.

5. Knights – the more knights a dragon hoards the more famous he becomes. And, he who has the most knights wins.

4. Water sources – good places for hunting and swimming, and water holes usually bring in other objects they love to hoard: see #7 and #5. Also great to catch female dragons skinny-dipping.

3. Books – it’s a well know fact that dragons love books, are literate, and enjoy listening to their princesses reading to them, if they can keep from setting fire to the pages.

2. Gold – good for trading, of course, but even better when it lures in unsuspecting treasure hunters, Knights and Princesses. Also good for Gansta’ Dress when hanging with the other dragons and trying to pick up females.

1. Jewels – dragons fancy rare gemstones, and love sparkly bling! It’s a little known fact dragons fancy wearing tiaras when no one is looking.


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The Dragonstone has returned


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