NaNoWriMo – Day 18 Update – Are you listening to your story?


How’s your story coming?

dragonstone - a kingdom of chalvaren romance - author paula millhouse

I hit the 30K wall late last week and my characters stopped talking. Flat out refused to say another word (well, I can’t share the exact words they used, but it wasn’t pretty).

So, I pulled back and started asking questions. Turns out, I took a wrong turn in my setting – something said characters apparently refused to budge on. (They’re fussy like that, the little imps.)

What I learned about my WIP?

  • Stories are like fledgling dragonlets – they need care, concern, a firm hand, and lots of love.
  • While the goal of pounding out astronomical word counts in November looms large, the month winds down and the holidays sneak on in. This year, I’m gonna take a little breather here.
  • It’s more important to me not to spook the magic out of this tenuous little creature than it is to score high word-counts. That’s something I didn’t know last November. Fortunately I get it this year. Hooray!

So? How about you? Are you listening to your story?

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