Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Romance Readers!

I LOVE authors, and a universal trait we share is how very much we love to share our stories, our special gifts, with our readers.

When I discovered Boroughs Publishing Group put together five special gift anthologies I sat down and asked the authors where their hearts were when they wrote their stories.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes compilation from the authors to my question:

Tell us what you loved most about writing your story in the anthologies.

A Boroughs Christmas Anthology
A Boroughs Publishing Group Christmas Anthology

A holiday bonanza: Ten stories set in different times and places, each telling the tale of people who found love through wishes or magic or luck, all on Christmas—except for one on New Year’s Eve.



Lyn Austin

Carol of the Heart was taken from a fantasy that I’ve had for decades. An old boyfriend from high school still holds a piece of my heart and although I’ve had a wonderful life, I’ve always wondered how my life would have been different if we had ended up together. I lost my dear husband in an accident several years ago and the story began to form in my head. Carol of the Heart is about a couple in their sixties meeting again after forty years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

Jami Davenport

“Writing Christmas Break gave me a chance to explore writing in the new adult genre and is my first attempt at writing in first person.”

“Love at First Snow is a hockey romance featuring a kitten, and I’ve been dying to start a hockey series so this short story got my toes wet. Plus who doesn’t love a cute, little kitten.”

Joan Bird

“I loved that my hero in Sam’s Gift had to let go, evolve, love again….that’s what heroes and heroines do, they love, again and again and again, and get burned and love again, it’s just a wonderful thing writing. Boo Rah!”

Kellyann Zuzuolo

“Writing The Christmas Bottle gave me a chance to imagine what it would be like to be a genie…to grant somebody a wish that would change her life in a positive way. I created the character of Lola Baz Lopez as an ordinary woman who had dreams of a better life. But she had no way to get there on her own. That’s where Shai the genie comes in. It was so fun to be that powerful…even though it was pure fiction. And of course, I let Shai the genie do all the heavy lifting. The chance to do things and go places that you wouldn’t normally go is what I love about writing and reading.”

 Katy Regnery

“When my editor, Jill, suggested that I write a short story as a spin-off of By Proxy, Tess Branson was the first character who popped into my mind. She was obnoxious and forward in By Proxy, but once I asked myself the question, I couldn’t shake it: Who would want her? For whom would she be heaven? And just like that, the story of The Christmas Wish came together in my mind. The reality is – and I really, really believe this – there is someone for everyone.”

 Regan Walker

“The thought behind The Holly & The Thistle was to give the reader the experience of a Regency Christmas: the activities, the traditions, the food and even the music, while enjoying a love story between a reluctant English lady and a determined Scot. For me it was a delight to do the research. I put on the Clare College choir music (John Rutter, The Original Carols from Clare) which took me right into the period, and then got a fire going in the fireplace (it was fall), and pretended it was December 1818. The story begins in Berry’s Wine Shop, which has existed since the 17th century and is still serving customers today (it’s pictured on the cover). From there it was just letting the characters live the season.”

 Susan Mac Nicol

“The Magick of Christmas bought out the true romantic in me. I enjoyed creating the story of a lovely young woman with a slight case of insecurity meeting handsome, rich geeky guy with a heart of gold just in time for Christmas. Oh and did I mention that both of them are witches? And it involves the beautiful and graceful art of ice skating? I mean, put it all together and you have a romance fit for the festive season. Fun to write, warmed the cockles of my heart and I wished I could be Stacey for a while…”

 Wendy S. Marcus

“My contribution is The Group Seduction, a story about four women who work together on a plan to reignite the sparks in their marriages in time for Christmas. What I loved most about writing this story is tackling the topic of what happens when a loving relationship gets smothered under the responsibility of work, paying the bills on time, and raising children. When holiday celebrations become difficult due to the strain in a marriage, my story shows how taking a risk to show your spouse just how much you still love him or her can make all the difference.”

 Allie K Adams

“Happy New Year’s, Eve. The heroines in romance novels are always the perfect size. Ample chest. Tiny waist. Curvy hips. Every man’s dream from the instant he spots her. So I thought, why not let this heroine be a little more real than that? At a size fourteen, Eve is considered a “plus-sized” woman. She’s proud of her curves and refuses to starve herself to fit into her jeans. I thought that would be a very refreshing heroine to write. 

 Her gorgeous neighbor doesn’t even give her a second glance. She’s not like the revolving door of Victoria’s Secret models Clay has coming and going. He’s shallow and looks are everything to him. They find themselves at the same New Year’s Eve costume party—Eve as the undisputed sexiest woman of all time, Marilyn Monroe, and Clay as Joe DiMaggio. It’s a funny, snappy New Adult short story that will definitely have you celebrating a the new year”




Thanks for stopping in and checking out my Twelve Days of Christmas featuring the Authors of Boroughs Publishing Group.

We’ll feature each collection for a few days right up until Christmas.

Stay tuned, and check back for featured posts of four more excellent anthologies of Lunchbox Romances from BPG. The stories-behind-the-stories will appear with quotes from the Authors in each collection: Gift of Regency, Gift of a Wish, Gift of Magic, and Gift of Heart.

Treat Yourself, or your favorite Romance Reader on your Holiday Gift List to an exceptional collection of stories this holiday season!

Buy Link: A Boroughs Christmas Holiday Anthology: 10 Stories

Written by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.


  1. What a great bunch of authors, Paula! I love reading about how authors get those creative juices flowing. Great ideas! Thanks for doing this 😀


    1. You’re welcome, KellyAnn, and thanks for the kudos!
      This has been my favorite Christmas project this year – it feels good to Pay It Forward, and give back, and All That Jazz.
      You know, spreading joy is really contagious.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. Reblogged this on Kellyann Zuzulo and commented:
    Here’s a great round-up of stories for your holiday reading pleasure…and I do mean pleasure. 😉 I’ll tell you what I loved about writing The Christmas Bottle.


    1. Samantha,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I enjoyed collecting and compiling these quotes from the Authors.
      There are four more books in the series, and I plan to post each one with the story-behind-the-stories for each one up until Christmas Eve.


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