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Romance Readers!

I LOVE authors, and a universal trait we share is how very much we love to share our stories, our special gifts, with our readers.

When I discovered Boroughs Publishing Group put together five special gift anthologies I sat down and asked the authors where their hearts were when they wrote their stories.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes compilation from the authors to my question:

Tell us what you loved most about writing your story in the anthologies.

Boroughs Publishing Group Regency Collection
Boroughs Publishing Group
Regency Collection

The Gift of Regency

Four stories of long-ago love led off by a Christmas tale, making this the perfect gift for fans of Regency Romance.



Regan Walker

“The thought behind The Holly & The Thistle was to give the reader the experience of a Regency Christmas: the activities, the traditions, the food and even the music, while enjoying a love story between a reluctant English lady and a determined Scot. For me it was a delight to do the research. I put on the Clare College choir music (John Rutter, The Original Carols from Clare) which took me right into the period, and then got a fire going in the fireplace (it was fall), and pretended it was December 1818. The story begins in Berry’s Wine Shop, which has existed since the 17th century and is still serving customers today (it’s pictured on the cover). From there it was just letting the characters live the season.”

Jillian Leigh

“My story, SOME LIKE IT HAUTE, is not a Christmas story per se. However, regency romance just seems to go nicely with curling up in a warm spot, letting the cares of the world fade away, and immersing yourself in a time of elegance and sophistication (and men in cravats, top boots and tight breeches…sigh). Mind you, in my part of the world, Australia, it’s as hot as Hades in December! Thankfully, regency romance is also effective as a way to forget the summer heat.”

Priscilla Shay

“When I was writing RETURNING THE FAVOR, I loved that I was able to use the ‘older brother’s best friend’ trope in a historical setting. In my other WIPs the characters have been complete strangers who meet and get to know each other throughout the course of the story. It was new and exciting for me to start in the middle of a relationship and see it move from friendship to love. Or, in Colin and Catherine’s case, unrequited love blossoming into their Happily Ever After.”


Regan Walker

“THE SHAMROCK & THE ROSE was initially to be just a Valentine’s story, beginning with a dropped love note discovered by another man, and a heroine with a secret identity. However, when I conceived of the idea of an Irish hero, I realized the story had potential to stretch into St. Patrick’s Day, which it does. But what I loved was discovering in my research the Catholic Emancipation movement in England at the time and the wonderful Daniel O’Connell, the “liberator” who worked to gain the Irish Catholics equal freedom under English law. And so my hero, Morgan O’Connell, became his Protestant cousin (Daniel did have such a cousin). It precedes THE HOLLY & THE THISTLE, my Christmas short story, as both were set in 1818. Of course, both are very Regency.”




Thanks for stopping in and checking out my Twelve Days of Christmas featuring the Authors of Boroughs Publishing Group.

We’ll feature each collection for a few days right up until Christmas.

Stay tuned, and check back for featured posts of three more excellent anthologies of Lunchbox Romances from BPG. The stories-behind-the-stories will appear with quotes from the Authors in each collection: The Christmas Anthology Gift of a Wish, Gift of Magic, and Gift of Heart.

Treat Yourself, or your favorite Romance Reader on your Holiday Gift List to an exceptional collection of stories this holiday season!

Buy Link: The Gift of Regency- Four stories

Written by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.


  1. Thanks, Paula, for getting the word out about our regency stories. I think the anthology is a great idea for a virtual ‘stocking-stuffer’ for someone who loves historical romance.


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