Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Romance Readers!

I LOVE authors, and a universal trait we share is how very much we love to share our stories, our special gifts, with our readers.

When I discovered Boroughs Publishing Group put together five special gift anthologies I sat down and asked the authors where their hearts were when they wrote their stories.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes compilation from the authors to my question:

Tell us what you loved most about writing your story in the anthologies.

Boroughs Publishing Group The Gift of Magic collection
Boroughs Publishing Group
The Gift of Magic collection


The Gift of Magic

An enchanting Christmas gift: Four stories celebrating the magic of romance.



Susan Mac Nicol

“The Magick of Christmas bought out the true romantic in me. I enjoyed creating the story of a lovely young woman with a slight case of insecurity meeting handsome, rich geeky guy with a heart of gold just in time for Christmas. Oh and did I mention that both of them are witches? And it involves the beautiful and graceful art of ice skating? I mean, put it all together and you have a romance fit for the festive season. Fun to write, warmed the cockles of my heart and I wished I could be Stacey for a while…”

Joan Bird

“I loved that my hero in Sam’s Gift had to let go, evolve, love again….that’s what heroes and heroines do, they love, again and again and again, and get burned and love again, it’s just a wonderful thing writing. Boo Rah.”

KellyAnn Zuzulo

“Writing The Christmas Bottle gave me a chance to imagine what it would be like to be a genie…to grant somebody a wish that would change her life in a positive way. I created the character of Lola Baz Lopez as an ordinary woman who had dreams of a better life. But she had no way to get there on her own. That’s where Shai the genie comes in. It was so fun to be that powerful…even though it was pure fiction. And of course, I let Shai the genie do all the heavy lifting. The chance to do things and go places that you wouldn’t normally go is what I love about writing and reading.”

 Cara Marsi

“What I loved most about writing Love Potion was writing about a woman of science, a veterinarian, who didn’t believe in magic and certainly didn’t believe in the fortuneteller her friends dragged her to. Then strange things began happening to her. Coincidence or magic? I loved showing her reaction to these things until she finally started to believe that maybe there was magic after all.”




Thanks for stopping in and checking out my Twelve Days of Christmas featuring the Authors of Boroughs Publishing Group.

We’ll feature each collection for a few days right up until Christmas.

Stay tuned, and check back for featured posts of all the excellent anthologies of Lunchbox Romances from BPG. The stories-behind-the-stories will appear with quotes from the Authors in each collection:  The Christmas Anthology, The Gift of Regency, The Gift of a Wish, The Gift of Magic, and The Gift of Heart.

Check out my previous posts for the other collections.

Treat Yourself, or your favorite Romance Reader on your Holiday Gift List to an exceptional collection of stories this holiday season!

Buy Link: The Gift of Magic

Written by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

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