Seven things you want to share about DRAGONSTONE

1.    Ethics:

Elf Prince Kort Elias has a job to do.

A mercenary bastard stole a royal dragon egg from the elves of Chalvaren and Kort will stop at nothing to get that dragon-child back home where he belongs.

2.    Emotion:

Furious, Kort chases the mercenary who dared to steal Magnus’s egg.

Kort risks the danger of time and space to travel to a distant unknown dimension to find the lost little dragonlet, Magnus.

3.    Logic:

Without the safe return of the Aurora class dragonlet the dragons of Chalvaren will surely revolt.

4.    Risk:

A hero’s willing to risk his hide for the greater good of Chalvaren, and her dragons. Kort’s risk pays off, and Magnus leads said prince to Mia Ansgar the lost princess of Chalvaren.

Fantasy, dragons, paranormal romance, high-heat fantasy romance, author paulamillhouse,
DRAGONSTONE by Paula Millhouse

5.    Romance:

Every prince needs his princess, and readers love a tortured romance, sure. Magnus leads Kort into a world where suspense, conflict, and an artifact he never believed in exists – the Dragonstone, and Mia, its keeper.

6.    The dilemma:

Kort must return them all to Chalvaren, but how? The dragonlet, the Dragonstone, and his princess Mia all belong in The Kingdom of Chalvaren. While he’s the perfect elf for the task he cannot do this alone. He needs his Mia to help him. How will Kort find the courage to ask for her help? Sparks fly, and Mia shows him more than he ever bargained for.

7.    Magnus needs Mia as much as Kort needs her to return them all to Chalvaren where they can thrive.

Without Her Help The Three-Day Old Dragonlet Will Die In The Line of Fire Beside His Prince.

What Mia’s About To Do About That Is Simply Amazing.


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