Priscilla Shay joins The Author’s Journal today as we celebrate the One Year Anniversary of RETURNING THE FAVOR

Priscilla Shay
Priscilla Shay



Returning the Favor Historical Romance by Priscilla Shay
Returning the Favor
Historical Romance by Priscilla Shay
  1. Hi Priscilla Shay! Who the hell are you and what do you write?

I AM A FAIRY PRINCESS FROM THE LAND OF OZ aka I’m a student/farm educator/author/soon-to-be-teacher living vicariously through my Twitter followers from New York. I write historical romance, but lately I’ve been dabbling in contemporary and New Adult. Dabble dabble, toil and trouble. (Shakespeare often misquotes it.)

Awesome Sauce, Priscilla! You score points for answering that one on the fly. I’ll bet living and working in NYC is amazing on so many levels.

  1. Tell us what you love about your story.

I love the characters. I wanted to write a couple who had a past and of course, their family wormed their way into the plot. Colin was a new character for me because he’s just so NICE. When I was writing it threw me off that he was genuinely a nice guy. Catherine is still young, but she’s in love. Matthew is handicapped and trying his best to deal with his situation. Catherine and Colin’s parents are loving and involved. How often does that happen in fiction?

I enjoyed the family dynamic in your story. It made me want to read more.

  1. A Tweet is a short sentence – #140 characters. Describe your Antagonist in a Tweet:

The antagonist is actually the two protagonists. They’re using fear of the past and their stubbornness to hold themselves back from love.

Ahh…internal antagonists are often the worst to deal with in fiction.

  1. Why does your Hero/ine have to deal with your Antagonist?

Colin was involved in an incident that he insists on taking full responsibility for even though it was an accident. In order for him to move on, to find love and accept love, he needs to forgive himself and let go of the past. Catherine must also let go of the past, albeit for a different reason.

  1. What specifically does your Hero/ine learn from your Antagonist?

Ah, you have to read the story to discover that 😉

  1. Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction?

I mostly read fiction. It takes a lot for me to get into non-fiction because I find the writing dry. I also get enough non-fiction reading being an English major and in pursuing my History masters.

  1. Romance/Thrillers/Historical/Horror/Paranormal/Contemporary…? What’s your favorite genre to read? Any recommendations for the crowd?

I read historical romance (any time period – not just Regency), paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary, historical fiction. I don’t have a favorite genre. My favorite is whatever I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I want a contemporary paranormal and read Nalini Singh, Gena Showalter, and Kresley Cole or a straight contemporary and I read Julie James. If I’m in the mood for a historical I read Tessa Dare, Shana Galen, Suzanne Enoch etc.

SOOO many recommendations. Check out my website 🙂

Awesome recommendations, Priscilla – we’ll have to check out your site @ Personally, I love to read a great historical romance – the language, the rogues, the high-spirited heroines…

  1. Any Pet Peeves about Romance?

I HATE when there is an amazing plot, great characters, the workings for an epic romance…and everything gets rushed in the last five pages and you swear there were twenty pages left but fifteen of them were ads and excerpts.

I feel your pain, Girl. I hate a rushed ending too. When readers invest the time to fancy a story the ending must pay off for them.

  1. Quick – Name the last movie you saw, and did you love it? If so, WHY? If not, WHY NOT?

Uh, I think it was the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I only took me 12 years to see it. I didn’t ..not like it? I think I’m just not a high fantasy person. BUT! I do get all the references now.

  1. Favorite music to write by?

Instrumentals. I have a Pandora station just for it. If the music has words, I get distracted singing along (horribly).

Ha! I write to instrumentals too. I adore movie scores.

  1. Any advice for new writers?

Ha. I’m still a relatively new writer myself. But, I’d say write the story you want to read and keep writing. Write, write, write. If you don’t write, how can you be a writer?

  1. Describe your next project in #140 characters or less: What’s the story line, Dude?

Ha! I’m prepared for this! 🙂

“She was determined to expose him…He was determined to love her…Who will win in this battle and is there A Promise of Love at the end of the line?”

There are a couple of paragraphs in between those lines…but, there it is, the contemporary NA I’m working on.

That sounds amazing Priscilla. Can’t wait to read more!


 Returning the Favor

At thirteen, Lady Catherine James fell out of a tree and into Colin Barringer’s heart. Now six years later, he’s determined to secure her hand in marriage, but will a childhood tragedy keep them apart?


Returning the Favor Historical Romance by Priscilla Shay
Historical Romance
Priscilla Shay


The Excerpt:

He ignited a fire within her that only he could control. Now, it crawled over her skin at an agonizingly painful pace. It was not terrible to have Colin want her. It was distressing that she wanted him. He had an appalling power over her, he always had.

Colin’s mouth stole her words, his taste invaded her senses. He crowded her against the tree, framed her face with his large hands. Sandalwood and heat surrounded her. His lips pressed against hers in a hot demand. A swipe of his tongue along the seam, a nip at the bottom lip. She gasped and his tongue snaked inside. One hand slid from her face to her neck, his thumb moved across her pulse. He played with her, coaxed a response until she couldn’t breathe. He moaned and she felt it in her chest more than heard it.

Finally, he pulled away. He touched his forehead to hers, his quiet pants mingling with her shallow breathing. Catherine’s eyes refused to open. They were heavy, sleepy.

She licked her lips as her eyes filled with tears. “What was that?” What she couldn’t seem to ask was the question uppermost in her mind.

Colin pressed his thumb to her lower lip and said, “That was a promise. You will be my wife, Catherine.”

He wanted her, but what about love? He’d said nothing of love.



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Priscilla Shay
Priscilla Shay


She is fascinated with all things historical and the only way she can explain it is by claiming she was – clearly – born in the wrong century. (Although, she has been dabbling in the Paranormal and Young Adult.) She holds a B.A. in English: Creative Writing, Honors (with a minor in History) and currently lives in New York pursing a M.A. in History. She is also a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America). When not writing she can be found in a corner crafting, drawing, or baking.

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So glad you joined us today Priscilla – thanks for taking the time to share yourself and your story with us at The Author’s Journal. Best of luck always with all your work.

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