Marilyn Baxter joins The Author’s Journal for a chat about TEA FOR TWO

 Tea for Two:  Take one tea shop-owning divorcee, add a new-to-town attorney and two meddling grandmothers and the result is a romantic brew that will make everyone’s dreams come true.

Marilyn Baxter, Tea for Two
Tea for Two
Marilyn Baxter

TEA FOR TWO releases on February 7, 2014 – Treat yourself to a Lunchbox Romance for an early Valentine’s Day Treat!

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Welcome to The Author’s Journal, Marilyn!

We’re super-excited to learn all about you and your story and share your good news with the world.

Author Boroughs Publishing Group
Marilyn Baxter


  1. Who the hell are you and what do you write? 

I’m a mother of two sons and grandmother of two granddaughters and I work as an Administrative Assistant for the divorce lawyer represented me in my divorce a few years ago (does the Universe have a sense of humor or what???) and as a virtual assistant for a romance author (and I’m looking for a few more clients).  At one point in the mid-90’s I worked on a Space Shuttle contract and dealt with rocket scientists every day.  I have lived in north Alabama for the past twenty-three years though I grew up in North Carolina.  I write contemporary romance as well as short pieces for the confessions magazines.  I was also a finalist in Boroughs’ “What’s in a Name” contest last year and my novella, BETTER AS A MEMORY, will be released in 2014.  I’m also a hopeless romantic who buys herself flowers for Valentine’s Day (and any other day I feel like it) and cries at TV commercials (didn’t you just LOVE this year’s Budweiser commercial with the puppy and the Clydesdale???).

That one was my favorite!!

2. Tell us what you love about your story, TEA FOR TWO

 I’m uber-excited that my Lunchbox Romance, TEA FOR TWO, is being released just a week before Valentine’s Day!  What better time for a shot of romance?  My heroine is a divorcee who finds HEA again.  And as a divorcee who has tried the online dating scene but hasn’t yet found HMS (Happily Maybe Someday), I could relate to my heroine.

The HEA is why I love to read and write romance.  I also loved writing about tea, which is my favorite beverage.  On a cold day there’s nothing quite like a cup of hot tea, served in a proper teacup with raw sugar and a splash of milk.  I visited Ireland, Wales and England back in the fall and I was in heaven!  Tea with breakfast, tea in the afternoon and even our hotels had an electric kettle with real tea cups and spoons.  I also am a southern girl through and through, and what would a hot, humid August day be without cold sweet tea with lemon?

I love tea too, Marilyn – I prefer mine with lemon and honey. It’s so versatile, and it really does bring people together.

Marilyn Baxter, Tea for Two
  1. Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction? 

I prefer to read fiction but I watch a lot of documentaries on Netflix.  I like continuing to learn and Netflix is my classroom.  Did you know the Sochi Olympic Games are the first to include women’s ski jumping?  Or that the little town of Whitwell, Tennessee is home to the Paperclip project where middle school children collected eleven million paperclips to represent the number of people killed in the Holocaust and housed them in a museum built in an authentic German rail car used to transport Jews to the concentration camps?: Or that… Okay, I’ll stop.

A lust for learning is a good thing, for writers and everyone. Very cool!

  1. Romance/Thrillers/Historical/Horror/Paranormal/Contemporary…? What’s your favorite genre to read? Any recommendations for the crowd? 

My favorite genre is contemporary romance.  Recommendations?  Well… there are my best writing buds Andrea Laurence, Dani Wade, Kimberly Lang and Kira Sinclair.  And the fabulous Linda Howard and her BFF Linda Winstead Jones.  And one of my BFFs, Roxanne St. Claire.  And there are just too many others to list.

I feel the same way. I will never read all the books I want to read…

  1. Any Pet Peeves about Romance?

Nope.  Not about the genre itself.  But I do like for it to be well-written.

  1. Quick – Name the last movie you saw, and did you love it? If so, WHY? If not, WHY NOT?

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  I LOVED it!  Too many societies push older people into the background when these are the people who paved the way for everyone else and still have lots of life left in them and lots to offer to everyone.  We should respect and revere our senior citizens.  And I also loved it because it had both Judi Dench and Maggie Smith in it.  What a duo!

Hmm…I’ve got that movie waiting on my DVR – I’m off to catch it after the interview.

  1. Favorite music to write by? 

I can’t write to anything with lyrics because soon I’ll be singing along instead of writing.  So it’s usually some New Age instrumental music pumping through the headphones straight to my brain.  However, sometimes I listen to the soundtrack of “Romancing the Stone” and pretend I’m Joan Wilder. 😉

  1. Any advice for new writers? 

Read lots in the genre you want to write.  Join the national RWA organization and a local chapter if there’s one near you (shout out to Heart of Dixie Romance Writers!).  RWA has too many benefits to list here but I wouldn’t be anywhere close to publication without everything I’ve learned at national conferences and my local chapter meetings and workshops.  Be persistent.  Set realistic goals.  Treat your writing seriously and expect others to treat your writing that way too. 


  1. Describe your next project in #140 characters or less: What’s the story line?

A pregnant American woman walks into a Dublin pub looking for the man with whom she had a fling several months before.  After that?  Not sure yet.  The idea is still percolating.

Now that sounds like something I’d love to read!

Without further fanfare, here are all the Deets on Tea for Two.



Marilyn Baxter, Tea for Two

Book Buy Links: Boroughs Publishing Group | Barnes and Noble | Amazon | Smashwords



Sam nudged Mollie’s arm with his elbow as they strolled down the sidewalk after dinner. “You know my grandmother is going to have a field day with this. Us going out to dinner again. You’re all she’s talked about for the past few days. Now I’m really suspicious she sent me to your shop to try and set us up.”

“Oh, I know she did. I figured it out that afternoon when she invited me to tea and made a point to tell me you were single. And my granny was in cahoots with her.”

“I emphasized I was not her latest matchmaking project. Apparently she wasn’t listening.” As they approached his car, Sam pulled his keys from his pocket and thumbed the fob to unlock it. “I should be mad. Somehow, though, I can’t muster up a lot of anger since we have this great business arrangement now. I can’t believe I already have clients.”

Mollie’s heart sank. This was all about him and his business? He hadn’t really asked her out on a date, had he? She was angry, and right now her anger wasn’t directed at her grandmother or Sam’s. She was furious with herself for letting down her guard. For believing there might be something more than a professional relationship between them, even though she’d pretended not to want it. How many times had she seen the words Listen to your gut in the multitude of self-help books she’d read in the wake of her split from Philip?


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Author Boroughs Publishing Group
Marilyn Baxter


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Thanks for stopping by The Author’s Journal to share your good news today, Marilyn. Best of luck always with your stories!! Readers, post your questions/comments for the author below.

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17 thoughts on “Marilyn Baxter joins The Author’s Journal for a chat about TEA FOR TWO

  1. I enjoyed the interview. I don’t usually read Contempory Romance but this one sounds good. I too love the idea of the two meddling grandmothers.


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Bonnie. I think meddling grandmothers make good characters. I’m a grandmother though my granddaughters are not old enough yet for me to be matchmaking. I must remember to not meddle when they are. 😉


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