Valentine’s Day, Kisses, and Wishes

Valentine’s Day

I heard a popular poll report on the radio this week about what women really want for Valentine’s Day. Surprisingly, grand gestures like a dozen rozes, diamonds, and fur coats did not top the list (although, we love those things too). The announcer reported the biggest request included small romantic gestures, like an impromptu I Love You, an unexpected goodbye kiss on the way out to work, and little surprises, like simple love notes hidden where we least expect to find them.

dragonstone - a kingdom of chalvaren romance - author paula millhouse
Happy Valentine’s Week



Ah, those deep sensual kisses of romantic love that linger in our memories are some of my favorite, of course, but when I heard the poll results I thought about my DH, and how he not only kisses me goodbye every morning, he also kisses me hello when I get back home. It’s something we’ve honed over the years. A ritual. When I discovered unexpected kisses ranked as one of the number one things gals wished for this Valentine’s Day I realized how rich I already am. Shame on me if I ever take his kisses for granted.



I believe wishes are prayers our subconscious conjures to communicate our deepest longings to our hearts. I believe in the power of wishes, and that’s where my heart existed when I wrote Michael McKnight and Abigail O’Malley’s love story. Did my own DH stand in as a model for Michael and his longing to rekindle his love for Abby – most likely, at least I’d like to think so? I sprinkled in little fantasy and magic and a special March holiday from their hometown of Savannah, and let their romance and wishes do the rest.

THREE WISHES Author Paula Millhouse Fantasy Romance Boroughs Publishing Group Lunchbox Romance
Author Paula Millhouse
Fantasy Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
Lunchbox Romance


Whatever Valentine’s Day holds for you this year I wish you all the happiness you can find, all the impromptu kisses you can tolerate, and that you too find and celebrate the love of your life.

And, if you’re longing for a little romance to fulfill that yearning treat yourself to Michael and Abby’s love story, one of my Boroughs Lunchbox Romances, Three Wishes.


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