Dragonstone Trivia (with SWAG), Valentine’s Day, and Fantasy Romance Readers

Dear Fantasy Romance Readers,

Who wants to WIN Dragonstone SWAG to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

dragonstone - a kingdom of chalvaren romance - author paula millhouse
Happy Valentine’s Week

1. The question: What’s the dragonlet’s name in Dragonstone, and what color is he?

2. The rules: You may enter and answer here in the comments, or on my Author’s FB page – LIKE the page if you wish, and answer there, or answer here in the comments section below.

I’ll randomize all correct comments.

3. The Prize: One of these beautiful hand-beaded ribbon bookmarks customized with your very own Dragonstone.

Custom hand-beaded ribbon bookmarks Dragonstone
Custom hand-beaded ribbon bookmarks
DRAGONSTONE: A Kingdom of Chalvaren Romance

Let the Dragonstone Fantasy Romance games begin!!

Winners will be drawn Monday night, February 17th, 2014.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!!


Fantasy, dragons, paranormal romance, high-heat fantasy romance, author paulamillhouse,
DRAGONSTONE by Paula Millhouse
A Lunchbox Romance from Boroughs Publishing Group
$0.99 at retailers everywhere – Treat Yourself!



Great. First royal dragon egg stolen from Chalvaren in ten thousand years and the damn thing’s already hatched.” Kort Elias grimaced and stared at the remnants of the Aurora eggshell. When he crouched down and touched the enormous object—he could have easily crawled inside—it crumbled to dust in his hands. “Worse, it’s been at least a day, maybe two.”

A thieving mercenary had brought the egg here to this planet of humans, one dimension hop away from Chalvaren, and Kort had required a wizard’s help to teleport in pursuit. The queen his mother forbade him to give chase, but when Kort discovered the double-crosser took the egg from the royal hatchery, Queen Elissabet’s edict paled before the need to recover the dragonlet. Also, ignoring his mother’s wishes was a lifelong sport at which Kort particularly excelled.

He picked up three black dragon scales, smelled them, manipulated them in his fingers then held the fragile scales up to the sunlight. They were translucent, iridescent…baby dragon scales. His grimace became a frown. Poor thing. All alone in a strange world with no other dragons to coach him, to show him what to eat, how to fly, how to roar, how to be what he was. Kort’s heart hitched. He’d tracked the thief for well over a week, but he was clearly too late. He was seeing the fallout of his mother’s bad decision-making.

Fantasy, dragons, paranormal romance, high-heat fantasy romance, paulamillhouse,

“Damn you, Elissabet!” He shook his fist at the sky. “Look at what you’ve conjured up with your ridiculous legend, mother.” No treasure, just a lost little dragon.

“At least he’s eaten.” Kort’s eyes ranged to the remains of the mercenary. Without proper handling, without a first feast available right outside his eggshell, the hatchling had devoured his abductor. Served the bastard right. Before stealing the egg, the larcenous mercenary had filled the queen’s head with stories and romantic notions, claimed he had intelligence on the whereabouts of Chalvaren’s mythological treasure, the Dragonstone. The fist-sized amethyst was valuable beyond means, and a prophecy of peace accompanied it. Kort doubted the thing existed, but even if it did, the mercenary wasn’t man enough to return it. Clearly.

Kort stood up and surveyed the scene, fingering the dragon scales, noticing their smooth texture. “Where’d you go little one?”


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