Beverly Ovalle joins The Author’s Journal for an intimate chat about her newest release, a Military Romance titled A Saint’s Salvation

Welcome to The Author’s Journal, Beverly Ovalle!

Beverly Ovalle, A Saint's Salvation
Author Beverly Ovalle

We’re super-excited to learn all about you and your new story, a Military Romance here at The Author’s Journal.

Let’s share your good news with the world. Tell us about yourself and A Saint’s Salvation.

1.   Who the hell are you and what do you write? 

I’m Beverly Ovalle, I’m an erotic author that can’t talk about sex without blushing. Nuts, huh?

~I don’t think that’s so nuts, Beverly. Conflict and tension are the author’s greatest hallmarks. Is that you blushing in your picture? Beverly and I met over our mutual love for dragons through Boroughs Publishing Group.

2.   Tell us what you love about your story.

A Saint’s Salvation is near and dear to my heart.  I got the idea from my son’s tattoo.  It reads St. Nicholas, which is what the working title of the book was before it was changed by my publisher. His tattoo gave me inspiration for this military romance. Plus some experiences he and other veterans I know had in Afghanistan and Iraq.

~You come from a military family, Beverly, and I understand you’re active in your local VFW – like a mad-woman.  Thank God for our real heroes, both here and abroad. Soldier’s ROCK!! Thanks for focusing on writing Military Romance.

3.   Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction all the way! The only non-fiction I read is on how to build things whether it is machines or wood projects or crafts. I’m a bit obsessed with how things work, though nothing works the same when I take it apart and TRY to put it back together.

4.   Romance/Thrillers/Historicals/Horror/Paranormal/Contemporary…?

What’s your favorite genre to read?

I LOVE paranormal and sci-fi!  I’m totally addicted to Christine Feehan.  I have to have her Dark Series and Leopard series as soon as they come out!  Such sexy heroes! Of course, I’ve read every book by Anne McCaffrey in her Dragons of Pern series. I’ve read them all countless times. Thank goodness for my local library!

~My Mama signed for my first library card. Thank goodness for mothers who read and frequent the library with their children. Oh, and you and I have shared a few posts on FB and the world-wide web honoring our love for Dragons!!

5.   Any recommendations for the crowd?

My all-time favorite is Dark Fire by guess who? Mrs. Feehan!  I’ve read it about 15 times.

~I’ll have to add Mrs. Feehan to my TBR list!

6.   Any Pet Peeves about Romance?

Nope. There is very little of it I don’t like. There are days I love to read about strong heroines and days you’ll catch me reading Barbara Cartland. Come to think of it, I’ve probably read most of hers too.  I only wish men were really like the heroes in romance novels. Talk about it all you want, Romance is one of the fasting selling genres there are with wonderful entertainment value.

~I know, right? My sinful indulgences include everything Jude Deveraux writes – wow, love her romances!! If real men were like the heroes in romance we might not have a genre to write.

7.   Quick – Name the last movie you saw, and did you love it? If so, WHY? If not, WHY NOT?

Raptor-lol!  I love my ‘B’ rated movies.  It started out with blood splatter and dinosaurs and ended the same way.  What’s not to love? BTW I cannot stand ‘chick flicks’!  I hate watching romance on screen. Books are so much better when it comes to romance.

8.   Favorite music to write by?

If I listen to music I can’t write.  I dance!

9.   Any advice for new writers?  

Keep writing and don’t give up, but please use an editor.

~I couldn’t agree more. An editor ALWAYS matters. Editors see things we can never see in our own work. They’re like little magic elves who pull out all the goodness in our stories. Sage advice from Beverly Ovalle.

Beverly, describe your next project for us in #140 characters or less: What’s the story?

I am working on a sequel to my short story Lightning Strike, entitled Willow’s Cry


Deets on Beverly’s new Military Romance, A Saint’s Salvation

A Saint's Salvation by Beverly Ovalle
A Saint’s Salvation
by Beverly Ovalle

Published February 24, 2014 by Secret Cravings  | All Romance E-Books| Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Bookstrand


A Military Romance  by Author Beverly Ovalle
A Military Romance
by Author Beverly Ovalle


Corporal Nicholas ‘Saint’ Santiago need to go home to reclaim the man he used to be. To be the man he was before Operation Enduring Freedom slowly hardened his heart. He needs to reconnect to the values and the reasons he is doing what he does. Saint also needs to try to forget the courageous woman he knows was meant to be his.


Petty Officer Angelina Jones’ life changed the moment Saint saved her life. She survived the blast but now has to deal with the fact that she will never be whole. Knowing Saint received a ‘Dear John’ letter, Angelina has no intention of being his rebound romance. She needs to be loved for herself. She needs to forget about the one man she knows was meant to be hers.

They each try to find someone to help them forget.

But, what does fate have planned for them?





“Fuck. How the hell could it be? You weren’t even there. The bitch knew you were gone, were going to be gone.” They fired shots, aiming at the muzzle flash in the distance. More Marines headed their way, sprinting from cover to cover. Perez came running, bringing out ammo and providing more fire power.

Another crack and Perez went down with a cry.

“Fuck! Medic! Man down!” The cry went out, passed through until the call went to the corpsman, while Nick tried to stem the blood flow. Hands pushed his away. Nick looked up. Petty Officer Jones, better known as Doc, had bandages ready.

“Help me roll this on until we can get him out of here.” Her voice sent a ripple through him. Nick had always ignored the attraction he had felt for her. He’d had his girl back home, and fraternization out here could get him thrown in the brig. Not to mention the brig out here was a hell hole.

A Military Romance  by Author Beverly Ovalle

Nick was leery about approaching Doc now. The Dear John letter had been a shock. He had known Leila for years. Hell, they had been friends since they were little. Her betrayal was unexpected. Nick didn’t even really know Doc. He could trust her with his life, but he wasn’t ready for another go around with his heart, no matter the attraction he felt.

Nick looked toward the fence line, rifle at the ready. Shots were firing sporadically around him. That’s when Nick saw it, the trail from a grenade launcher, unmistakable. Shit!



 Book Trailer: A Saint’s Salvation

Take a look behind the lines of love…


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Thanks for the interview, Beverly. Comments from your readers are open.

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