Ed Hoornaert joins The Author’s Journal for a chat about his new release, The Tribulations of Tompa Lee

Ed Hoorneart, Science Fiction Romance Author
Author Ed Hoornaert

Welcome to my site, Ed Hoornaert! We’re super-excited to learn all about you and your story The Tribulations of Tompa Lee, and share your good news with the world.



1.   Who the hell are you and what do you write?

Edward Hoornaert is not only a science fiction and romance writer, he’s also a certifiable Harlequin Hero, having inspired multi-published author Vicki Lewis Thompson to write Mr. Valentine, which was dedicated to him.  These days, he mostly writes science fiction—either sf romances, or sf with strong elements of romance.  After living at 26 different addresses in his first 27 years, the rolling stone slowed in the Canadian Rockies and then came to rest in Tucson, Arizona.  He married his high school sweetheart a week after graduation and is still in love … which is probably why he writes romances.

~ So glad you took the time to stop by today, Ed. I had the privilege of meeting Ed through our RWA Fantasy, Futuristic &Paranormal writer’s specialty chapter. He and I have survived two NaNoWriMo’s together, and Ed helped me edit one of my favorite stories, Dragonstone, through The Mud Puddle, the FF&P critique group.

2.   Tell us what you love about your story.

First, my heroine, Tompa Lee.

She’s the ultimate underdog, an orphaned street girl who clawed her way up to the lowest rung of the Commerce Space Navy. 

I wrote about her in a hardcover release, The Trial of Tompa Lee, back in 2005; for years I ignored her whispers that she had more stories to tell and that she deserved to find love. 

When she started shouting, I finally relented and wrote The Tribulations of Tompa Lee.  And now I’ve drafted another tale, The Triumph of Tompa Lee, available later this year.  Hopefully this will shut her up for a while.

Second, my hero, Ming the Merciless.  In this future era, music and musicians are Earth’s biggest export, and I found myself enamored of a dashing and handsome oboist who tours the stars as a secret agent.  Instead of oh-oh-seven, I’ve written oboe-seven.  The fact that I’m an oboist myself is, I assure you, pure coincidence.

3.   Why does your Hero/ine have to deal with your Antagonist?

She has no choice.  Keevie, an alien leader, launched an attack on the human embassy on planet Zee Shode.  When Tompa and a few refugees flee to a national park crammed with fierce predators, Keevie hunts her down.  Tompa tries her best to escape, but … well, you’ll have to read The Tribulations of Tompa Lee to find out what happens.

~ I’m off to snag my copy now, Ed!

4.   What specifically does your Hero/ine learn from your Antagonist?

 Oddly enough, she learns about the transcendent power of love.

~ Seriously, I love how you combine serious Science Fiction with Romance.

 5.   Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction?

2/3 fiction, 1/3 non-fiction.

~ I’m a non-fiction hog myself, Ed. I plow through non-fiction much faster than fiction.

6.   Favorite music to write by?

Classical.  (I’m an orchestral musician, so what do you expect?)  Haydn’s sunny tunes and soothing rhythms work well for me; he doesn’t startle me out of a reverie or demand that I listen to him rather than my muse.

~ I’ll have to check Haydn out and add him to my playlist. I tend to favor movie scores and some are more demanding of my muses attention…

7.   Any advice for new writers?

Unless you happen to be one of those flukes of nature, don’t rush to self-publish your first attempt at a novel.  It’s a hard craft to learn, and you only get one chance to make a first impression on readers.

~ I agree, Ed. While it’s amazing we own the freedom self-publishing offers, the camp outside the gates of traditional publishing can be a double-edged sword.



The Tribulations of Tompa Lee By Author Ed Hoorneart Available on Amazon
The Tribulations of Tompa Lee
By Author Ed Hoornaert

Amazon | Nook | Trade Paperback


The Deets on The Tribulations of Tompa Lee

Premise:   Goddess or Madwoman?  Even she isn’t sure.


Tompa Lee serves as ambassador to the Shons’ planet and is hailed as their goddess . . . but she distrusts fellow humans, has a dead man living in her head, and fears an imminent attack by Klicks, mankind’s greatest enemy.


Ming Mengliev is posing as a mere musician when Klicks destroy the Terran embassy … but although he strives to win Tompa’s trust—and her heart—whose side is this secret agent really on?


Lord Keevie, the leader of warlike Klick missionaries, wants to drive humans off Zee Shode … but above all he wants to eviscerate Tompa in person, because killing a goddess will surely make him a god.


Can Tompa survive Keevie’s pursuit, the onset of divine madness, the predators of Palla Pelly Park … and conquer her mistrust of humans long enough to shepherd a ragtag group of Shon and human refugees to safety?



Tompa wrapped the blankets more tightly around her aches and pains. “You don’t scare me.”

Liar, Dante said from inside her head.

“Who are you?” she called to the Klick, remembering the old advice, know thine enemy.

The huge creature rose, bowed, and then sat back on his tail. “My name is Keevie, but you may call me Death.”

“The Klick leader?” she said.

“Do you never soar above the obvious?”

“Nope.” To her own surprise, Tompa laughed. Chatting in the dark of night to a bloodthirsty, seven-foot tall dragontail who wanted to kill her felt bizarre. Everything that had happened to her on Zee Shode was either terrifying or absurd.

No, not true. Some of Zee Shode was glorious. Finding a friend like Awmit who accepted her. Finding a place where she actually belonged.

And sleeping with Ming? Hadn’t that been glorious, too?

The Tribulations of Tompa Lee By Author Ed Hoorneart Available on Amazon

Well, perhaps.

“What can you expect from an uneducated street meat?” she taunted. “I’m the shortest, skinniest, dumbest, lowest class human you’re ever going to find. And yet, a few months ago I beat the tail spikes off you bullies. Drove you right off this planet.”

That’s telling him, girl.

Dante spoke with more passion than usual, making Tompa feel less stupid for goading a creature who could kill her with one swipe of his tail. “How I shall enjoy eviscerating you, Tompa Lee,” the Klick growled.


Buy Links: The Trial of Tompa Lee | The Tribulations of Tompa Lee | Midas Rush


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Ed, thanks so much for joining us on The Author’s Journal today. Good luck with your stories and we wish you many sales, and many reviews.

Comments are OPEN for Ed and Tompa Lee!

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7 thoughts on “Ed Hoornaert joins The Author’s Journal for a chat about his new release, The Tribulations of Tompa Lee

  1. Wonderful interview Paula and Mr. Valentine. It’s funny, I love watching sci-fi movies, but don’t usually read the genre. But, this story could very well change that. Ming the Merciless, love that. Reminds me of that old sci-fi movie Flash Gordon. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


    1. All riiiiight! Someone out there actually got my Flash Gordon reference.
      I remembered the name from old TV reruns (of the 1930’s serial) as a kid, and it popped into my head as the perfect name for this character.


  2. Great interview.
    These books look great. I don’t read enough sci-fi and I love the genre.
    I’ll put these on my wish list. I loved the excerpt.


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