What are you reading? Fiction? Non-fiction?

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I’m in the heat of writing the final push of the first draft of my WIP, Dragon’s Promise – so I haven’t had much time for fiction.

I’m taking a poll this week. What’s winning your hearts and your reading time out there?

Fiction? Any recommendations? I recently finished Lisa Kessler’s short story Across The Veil. Very cool. Here’s a link to my review.

Non-fiction? I’m a carnivorous consumer of non-fiction – for some reason I can’t help myself. I recently read Tolkien’s essay On Fairies.

What about you, dear readers? What are you reading?

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8 thoughts on “What are you reading? Fiction? Non-fiction?

  1. I’m reading a YA called Shatter Me it’s the third in a trilogy.
    Have you noticed in trilogies the third book isn’t anything like the first two? I’m about to give up on them.
    I’m also reading Silence of the Wolf.


    1. How cool you stopped by, Bonnie. Why do you think series writers do that?
      Personally, I’m looking forward to Deborah Harkness’s third in her A Discovery of Witches series.


      1. Paula,
        I have no idea. Oh the book I’m reading is Ignite Me in the Shatter me trilogy. The reviews are good so hopefully it won’t end tragic.
        When does the third book come out for Discovery of Witches?
        I don’t read non-fiction much but the Fairies book sounds interesting.


  2. Currently reading Game of Thrones. I will probably take a break on the 11th to read the new Mercy Thompson. 🙂 I don’t like to read nonfiction all that much, but I do enjoy listening to nonfiction audio books while I drive.


    1. Hi CJ!
      I can’t do zombies – I mean, just, Ick! However, the way you portray Evangelista’s characters might work for me.
      I suffer with the Dawn of the Dead affliction – really bad B grade movie’s portrayal of the characters. Just, Ick…
      I loved Wrath’s first story in the BDB and can’t wait to see what JR does with The King.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog!


    2. Hi Samantha!
      I used to love to listen to non-fiction during my commutes too.
      What genre does Mercy Thompson write in?
      So glad to see you here at the blog, and happy reading!


      1. Patricia Briggs writes the Mercy Thompson series which is urban fantasy and she has a wonderful paranormal romance series with is called Alpha and Omega.


  3. I just discovered the Black Dagger Brotherhood, so I read the first three in short order (LOVE Zsadist), but I took a break to read Kate Evangelista’s Taste, a YA zombiefest. The zombies aren’t falling-apart-corpse-gross, but a different species…sexy even. It’s a good read so far. 🙂


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