Micro-Greens: What keeps me busy between edits and first drafts

Hobbies - how we spend our time
Hobbies – how we spend our time



Yep, I grew that scrumptious bowl of goodness with my own two hands!!

My fingers are not permanently attached to my keyboard, though sometimes it seems that way.

I started gardening at an early age, and it’s a hobby I cannot live without.

What was that line from Steel Magnolias? Southern women are genetically programmed to dig in the dirt and raise tomatoes – ah, that’s a paraphrase, yes, but the sentiment is true, for me at least. (Yes, I am growing tomatoes this very second in my cold frame in the mountains of North Georgia – so sue me.)

Gardening is beneficial in so many ways.  While most of the country is still under a blanket of grey, ugly snow-melt my raised beds, which I protect with a cold-frame, provide harvests like this most weeks starting in early March – April.

Gardening provides vital exercise, a great base tan, and these wonderful yummy organic yields to prepare for our table. Gardening is in my soul and I’ll happily keep it that way.

I’m off now to sautee these perky babies up in olive oil and garlic for supper.

So, what about you dear readers and writers? Which hobbies keep you busy between reading, writing, editing and first drafts?


A few more shots for your Spring enjoyment.


Paula's Petunias
Paula’s Petunias


Paula's Apricot Nasturtium
Paula’s Apricot Nasturtium
Paula's Roses
Paula’s Roses

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