Thoughts on Revision from my writing buddies over at The Kill Zone

Revisions Happen...
Revisions Happen…

REVISIONS…yeah, they happen to every writer. Actually, I think revisions are something to be celebrated. I can fix anything in editing.

Here’s an exceptional article on revisions by my writing friends over at The Kill Zone.


So, here’s my question: What’s your favorite part of revisions? Any horror stories? Wish you had a re-do in your quest of writing your big story?

Written by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

One comment

  1. I think the key to revisions and editing is to have a good critique partner. One who “gets you.” If you click with someone revising and editing can be fun. 🙂
    I’m lucky to have found a fabulous critique partner.


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