The Writer’s Creative Flow-State

One of the weird and woo-woo things writers like to discuss is the flow-state we get into when we’re creating. I’m here to tell you, it’s not weird at all.

It feels to me, at least, like I’m tapped into the Holy Spirit, and he’s uniting with me so I can channel myself and all I’ve learned about this rich and wonderful life onto the page.

It’s a hallmark of creativity – that time when time seems to suspend itself. Other artists must feel this. When I painted regularly, I found the flow-state there too.

Moonlight Sonata (c) Paula Millhouse
Moonlight Sonata (c) Paula Millhouse

Now I paint with words.

I think as part of purveyors of the Universal Story all humans get into flow-state at some points in their lives. People say they’re not creative, but I don’t buy that. For me, it’s an exciting place to thrive, and live.

One way to know you’re there is the sensation of losing time. Ever read a book and the story is so consuming you look up and several hours have passed, or you’re half-way through the story?

Whether you know it or not, that’s a creative flow-state too—you are combining your imagination with the author’s during that time to create something magic.

That’s one reason I encourage others to read. Books are always terrific gifts because they open the world to the creative flow-state.


So, how about you? What examples can you give about times you’ve experienced a creative flow-state?


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8 thoughts on “The Writer’s Creative Flow-State

  1. Paula,

    I had no idea you painted! That painting is gorgeous! I hope you still paint. Different mediums provide different outlets.

    As for me? The creative flow state comes most easily to me when I’m in the grips of an idea. When something had taken hold of me and won’t let go and all I can do is write.


    1. Thanks, Samantha. I appreciate you stopping by, and I’m glad the painting moved you. I haven’t picked up a brush in quite some time but with all this positive feedback, who knows?


  2. Wow, Paula! That painting is amazing. I’m impressed.

    don’t know that I get into that flow as often as I’d like. I’ve had a few days in my life when I wrote 7K words, and that’s probably as close as I’ve come. It’s always at the end of the story when I am just sliding downhill, know all the pieces and can just let them fall together.


    1. Glad you like the painting, Amber.
      Wow – 7K – that’s amazing. It’s a great feeling when you know the pieces and can hardly keep up with getting the story on the page.


  3. Thanks, Bonnie!
    Amber inspired me today with her blog post. I love it that we all feel that connection, and it comes through in our stories. The Zone, or the creative flow-state is a gift, I just know it.
    It’s beyond awesome to share that connection with people like you.


    1. Hey, CJ!
      It really is a special place to get into my zone and watch those words fly. I wish that transcendence for everyone. The world would exist as a happier place if we could all tap into that energy.
      Glad you like my Moonlight Sonata.
      I still haven’t decided who’s gonna win that standoff…


  4. Hi Paula,
    You paint beautifully. That picture is gorgeous. I can’t paint or sculpt but I make thumbprints into animals for cards. I write too 🙂 My favorite part of writing is when I get into the zone. I also think the holy spirit has to do with my creativity.
    What a great post.


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