Summer Yumminess: A side dish for your 4th of July picnic, and special patriotic Thanks to the US ARMED FORCES

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Happy 4th of July

I shared this particular recipe on Chuck Wendig’s website in the comments when he asked for side dish recipes for the 4th of July. Thought you might like to read it.


A #3 Beer side dish of Summer Yumminess: “I must have more please.”

*Open Beer #1. Consume. (No, dear, there’s no beer IN the recipe. That’s for me. Relatives are due any moment now, and they’re easier to deal with this way.)

*Take out your sharpest knife.

*Use said blade to slice raw summer squash lengthwise in half, then in half again. Repeat with fresh eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper (I love the red ones), and onion. Place veggies out on a sheet pan, sliced side up.

*Heat Grill. Open Beer #2. Smile.

*Salt and pepper your veggies. Lightly baste with your favorite Italian dressing. Or make your favorite vinegar and oil dressing and add your favorite fancy herbs.
Grill said veggies for 15 minutes, turning and basting until you have nice grill marks gracing their little vegginess.

**Do NOT cook them to death.

*Remove said veggies from grill back onto said sheet pan, and slice with said knife into rustic chunks. Place all grilled veggies in a bowl. Throw in at least a half cup of your dressing, and cover tightly with foil to steam.

*Open Beer #3. Smile more at your clever rustic veggie side dish. Enjoy beer while warmed grilled veggies soak up Italian goodness. Once they’ve cooled down, serve as side dish.

**Hide sharp knife before relatives arrive.

*Beer #4 is totally optional. Enjoy.


*****Special thanks to ALL US Servicemen, and Servicewomen, and their Families for helping to maintain my American Freedom. You guys and gals rock, and I’d make rustic Italian veggies for you anytime. Hope this recipe finds its way to your table of bounty this year.


*******What’s your favorite 4th of July Tradition, or side dish?

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One thought on “Summer Yumminess: A side dish for your 4th of July picnic, and special patriotic Thanks to the US ARMED FORCES

  1. Really cool, thanks for sharing, Paula! Unfortunately, I usually spend the 4th of July with my puppies hiding out from the terror that is fireworks. Some festivities, dogs just don’t understand.


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