The Author’s Journal & the Dragon Love Blog Hop – September is the month for Dragonistas


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Dragon Love Blog Hop September 2014
Dragon Love Blog Hop
September 2014


In celebration of September’s Dragon Love Blog Hop with my online writing pals, The Dragonista’s,

I interviewed myself at The Author’s Journal.

The Dragon Love Blog Hop offers great prizes at each author’s blog stop, and the chance to win the Grand Prize at the end of the month. The one thing required to participate is your love for all things dragon.

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Here’s the story-behind-the-story on writing DRAGONSTONE.

1. Who the hell are you and what do you write?
I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner by day, and Dragon Wrangler by night. I write fantasy romance and romantic suspense stories. I’m a hybrid author, by that I mean I have both self-pubbed Indie titles, and short stories published by a small press.

2. Tell us what you love about your story, Dragonstone.
I love that my elves, Kort and Mia, find each other and sacrifice everything they know in order to save a three-day-old dragonlet named Magnus.

3. A Tweet is a short sentence – #140 characters. Describe your Antagonist in a Tweet:
Angry mob with pitchforks & murder on the mind intend to kill the helpless dragonlet. Magnus needs Kort & Mia’s magic to survive.

4. Why does your Hero/ine have to deal with your Antagonist?
Elf Prince Kort Elias pursues the mercenary who stole a royal dragon egg from Chalvaren. When he tracks the youngling, who’s already hatched, Magnus leads him to Mia Ansgar, the lost princess of Chalvaren. The humans want Mia and Magnus’s head on a spike, because they fear this magic they don’t understand. Kort and Mia must unite their auras, release the Dragonstone before the mob descends, and use the elven artifact to open a portal to get back to Chalvaren.

5. What specifically does your Hero/ine learn from your Antagonist?
Intolerance and ignorance often calls for heroic measures. It’s serious business when you’re saving dragons.


Fantasy Romance, Author Paula Millhouse, Boroughs Publishing Group, Happily Ever After, Elves, Magic
DRAGONSTONE: A Kingdom of Chalvaren Romance

6. Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction?
I suck up non-fiction like a black hole in deep space. I can’t get enough. But I also like fiction. I’m a member of a book club in my local community. We’ve read a varied list of books, and we discuss a new one every six weeks.

7. Romance/Thrillers/Historical/Horror/Paranormal/Contemporary…? What’s your favorite genre to read? Any recommendations for the crowd?

I love to read thrillers and suspense. Suzanne Brockman, Steven James’s Patrick Bowers series, Steven King’s Needful Things, John Greene’s The Fault In Our Stars, and most recently I’m reading Deborah Harkness’s third book in her Discover of Witches trilogy, The Book of Life.

8. Quick – Name the last movie you saw, and did you love it? If so, WHY? If not, WHY NOT?

The Normal Heart starring Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Matt Bomer, and Jim Parsons. I loved it. It’s an issue driven movie about HIV and AIDS set in New York in 1981-1984. Regardless of where you come down on the issue of Gay rights in our society there’s a reason this movie won the recent Emmy for Best TV Movie of 2014. Besides, it was fun to see Jim Parsons play a dramatic role (Sheldon totally kicked butt!)

9. Favorite music to write by?
Movie scores and other instrumentals – lyrics mess with my head and throw me out of the story, but I love the drama of certain movie scores.

10. Any advice for new writers?
Find a regular time to write. Don’t let anything interfere with your time at the keyboard. Join your genre’s national writers association, and participate whenever you can, online, or in person. Writers need other writers. Oh, and editors matter. Find the best editor to champion your story, and sit back and watch it literally take wings.

11. Describe your next project in #140 characters or less: What’s the story line, Dude?
Once Mia gets Magnus home to Chalvaren she wants her HEA. Trouble is, Psycho Wizardress Isa Ansgar means to destroy everything Mia loves.



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22 thoughts on “The Author’s Journal & the Dragon Love Blog Hop – September is the month for Dragonistas

  1. I love these hops, they introduce me to new (to me) authors and their works. Dragonstone sounds like a fun read and I am definitely adding to my TBR list. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share with us 🙂


  2. Loving this Dragonista hop. My debut novel releases soon and the hero is a dragon shifter. So, it’s awesome to see so many others writing about dragons as well. I love seeing everyone’s imaginations and take on the lore.


  3. Hey Paula,
    I love the word Dragonista.
    You are so right about finding a regular time to write. I just need to figure out that time for me 🙂
    I enjoyed the interview.


  4. Nice interview Paula! I can’t listen to music when I write because I lose focus and find I’m listening to the lyrics or singing along. I like your idea of writing to a movie score or instrumental music. I should try that! Dragonstone sounds like a great read!


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