Meet My Characters Blog Hop: Magnus the Dragonlet

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I’m talking Dragon today, and I’d like to introduce you to Magnus, my dragonlet.

WikiCommons: Lionel Allorge
WikiCommons: Lionel Allorge

He stands just a little taller than a draft horse, and his hide is covered with black iridescent scales. His black wings are tipped in purple and teal, and he’s had some issues with learning to fly – or, well, learning to land that is.

Magnus, would you answer some questions for us today? It’s true you’re sentient, and you possess the power of speech, so I thought you could talk to our readers about the Blog Hop questions.

*Dragonlet peers at the screen, then raises his wings ever so slightly*

Is your character fictional or a historic person

“I am not certain I appreciate the tone of your first question. First off, dragons are not fictional characters where I come from. Chalvaren is filled with five different royal classes according to their gifts. My sire, the mighty fire dragon Garnet the Red taught me I have been charged with the rather important historical task of reuniting all dragons in the service of the crown.”

When and where is the story set?

“Chalvaren, of course. Just one dimension hop away from your Earth. It’s a wonderful place to live, really, filled with our elves, our riders. Chalvaren’s frought with danger, I’m afraid, but we protect our elves and they, in kind, live a symbiotic life with us. I live in the Castle Elias, with the royal family. Do come visit if you find the time. I’ll arrange a flight up to the Drahkos Mountains, or we can take a picnic down by the shore of the Chalvaren Sea where the fish are fresh and the water is warm.”

What should we know about him/her?

“Well, if you were paying attention at all you’d know I have an important goal. When my rider Mia Ansgar discovers her ruthless half-mad aunt, Isa, a dark sorceress means to take me from her to be bridled into the service of darkness and bound to the lover Isa intends to raise from the grave, Mia must learn to command the power of the Dragonstone to save me and everything she holds dear. If Mia fails, I’m afraid Chalvaren will fall into darkness. Poor thing, she’s got her work in front of her.” *Dragonlet chuckles* “She’s not very good with traditional magic.”

What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

“During a raid on the castle Isa Ansgar attacks the castle, and kidnaps me. I rather dislike being taken from Mia and Kort, and if Isa thinks I’ll bend to her wishes of darkness she doesn’t know dragons very well, now does she?”

What is the personal goal of the character?

“Protect my Mia, of course, and her Prince, Kort Elias, along with all the royal elves of Chalvaren. Darkness must not be allowed to take hold here. I cannot allow it.”

*Author clears her voice* “Magnus? That all sounds very brave, but could you tell the readers about this not being able to fly thing?”

*Dragonlet snorts, flattens his wings, and looks away* “It’s not true. I can fly. It’s the landing that confounds me, you know that.”

*Author smiles* “But you’re working on it, right? With Kort and Mia? And Garnet? They’re teaching you to overcome this issue? How’s that going, BTW?”

*Dragonlet shudders and hides his nose under a wing* “The ground does not like me.”

Is this novel published, and where can we read more about it?

“My novel is out on submission now. You can read more about how I got my start, and how Kort and Mia returned me to Chalvaren in the published short story Dragonstone by my author, Paula Millhouse. I hope to see you in Chalvaren soon.”

dragonstone - a kingdom of chalvaren romance - author paula millhouse****************************************************

Fantasy, dragons, paranormal romance, high-heat fantasy romance, author paulamillhouse,
DRAGONSTONE by Paula Millhouse



Mia peeked back at the elf. He too watched the lightshow, his face bearing an expression of awe, but he didn’t back away. Her heart raced with the implications.
A second bloodcurdling cry interrupted her hysterics. Mia looked skyward, and—Oh! My! God!—a draft horse-sized dragon approached, a wobbling mess of flight, its course erratic, its wings flailing more than gliding. It tried to roar. What came out sounded more like a pitiful cry for help, and this was garbled by a mouthful of torn red fabric.
Mia covered her ears. She also recognized the bloody red robe as the Vicar’s from the nearby town. An irreverent laugh bubbled up to her lips. The dragon had eaten him? Perhaps vengeance had been delivered after all.
“He’s feral! Untrained! Run for the house!” Kort growled, barreling toward her and scooping up his bow.
The beast was mostly black, with iridescent purple and teal along the edges of his wings. His head was somewhat equine, with ridges of bony horn just beginning to show. Bits of the Vicar dropped out of the dragonlet’s toothy mouth, and the immature beast flapped his wings and teetered in the air. He struck out his hind feet in a gawking attempt to claw his way to the ground.
His wings spanned twenty feet when he flew in. Or, rather, fell in. Mia reached out as if she might ease his descent, and her action stopped Kort in his tracks. The elf’s mouth opened, his eyes wide, and then a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He placed his body in front of her as a shield.
The dragon’s underbelly and the inside of his wings showed red, the subcutaneous tissue tender, undeveloped and showing through translucent scales. The beast screamed again, and the terror in the cry gripped Mia so that she instantly wanted to protect him. All instinct to take cover faded.
“Listen to him! He can’t roar.” She pointed with one hand and with the other covered her mouth. “He can’t even fly. Holy hell, look at that!” she said as she watched the little dragon hit the ground with full force and roll, head-over-heels, bouncing across the meadow, screeching all the way.
The ground trembled with the impact. Mia covered her eyes, looked away while her heart raced with worry. “I can’t watch. Oh, God, what if he broke a wing? Is he okay?”
“Inside! NOW!” Kort demanded. He hauled Mia away from the scene and into the safety of her cottage.


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Published by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

4 thoughts on “Meet My Characters Blog Hop: Magnus the Dragonlet

  1. I absolutely love Magnus. The part about his landings cracked me up. I wish dragons were real but I’m so glad authors write about them. It’s the next best thing.
    I enjoyed reading this interview. I can’t wait to see this book published.


    1. I know exactly what you mean, Bonnie. I love reading about dragons, and Magnus stole my heart. Most dragons are written/screened as the bad guys – it’s fun to find the ones we can talk with, and ride.


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