Yesterday I inked a contract deal with Boroughs Publishing Group for my 100K follow-up Novel to Dragonstone – Chalvaren Rising – High Fantasy & Romance blends together in the perfect story

If you loved my Lunchbox Romance Dragonstone, and my dragonlet Magnus, then you’re gonna love my wonderful news!!


Fantasy, dragons, paranormal romance, high-heat fantasy romance, author paulamillhouse, Boroughs Publishing Group
DRAGONSTONE by Paula Millhouse

 ICYMI: Here’s the link for DRAGONSTONE

Chalvaren Rising is coming …

Stay tuned for more information as things develop, like a killer Cover Reveal, Excerpts, Interviews, Street Team opportunities, Newsletter information, and general Buzz about what happens next for Kort, Mia, and Magnus.

Just wait until you see the problems this trio faces when they return to Chalvaren …

I wrote this story for all the Geeks out there who love the action of High Fantasy, and for their Girlfriends who want a heady dose of romance and sex you can’t find in your average Sword & Sorcery tale.

Hey, all those elves and hobbits had to come from somewhere, right?

My greatest hope is this novel brings people together into the summit of a perfect blend of fantasy and romance.

I’m thrilled Magnus has finally found his wings in the realm of published fiction.

Dragonstone - a kingdom of chalvaren romance - author paula millhouse - Magnus - Dragonstone - Fantasy romance - High Fantasy - Dragons - Boroughs Publishing Group - Fae


Dragonstone - Paula Millhouse - Dragons - Elves
WikiCommons: Lionel Allorge


Dragonstone - Paula Millhouse - Magnus - Chalvaren Rising - Elf - Fae - Kingdom of Chalvaren

Written by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.


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