My Ultimate Halloween Party Guest List and Three Wishes

OK. OK. It’s still March, right? Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is two weeks away, but Halloween is right around the corner when you’re planning big parties! I love fantasy characters, so I put together a list.

I’m looking ahead to October and wanted to share/reblog this awesome post. Way back in May of 2013 I appeared on Butterfly-o-meter. com with a guest post featuring Three Wishes.


The Fictional Characters I’m inviting to my Ultimate Halloween Party
We all have our favorites. Here’s a sneak-peek of who’s on my Halloween Party invitation list this year, and why:

1. Edward Cullen, cuz you know, he just makes vampires look sexy.
2. Andre Maras, the lead vampire from Amber Belldene’s Blood Vine series. I figure Andre and Zoey Porter would be fun at a party, especially if they were pouring the wine.
3. Beast, from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, because he’s just so much fun to look at. Besides, we’ll need a bouncer, right?
4. Tony Stark, from Iron Man. Who doesn’t want to attend a party where Tony’s flash and dazzle will light up the venue?
5. OK, ALL the Avengers! Bound to make for interesting party conversation.
6. Dr. Who, because I love his English accent and he can stage the Tardis outside for time-travel fun rides.
7. Chewbacca. He can bounce with the Beast just in case the vampires and the Avengers take issue with the party favors.
8. Hiccup and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. I’ll have them staged next to Dr. Who and the Tardis for party-goers who want to stay in this realm and take a dragon ride. Maybe Magnus, Mia, and Kort from Dragonstone will come and offer dragon rides too?
9. Jarrid, and his sexy brothers from Tricia Skinner’s novel Angel Bait – you never know when you’re gonna need half-angel assassins to back up the bouncers. This is an eclectic group, and thing might get out of hand!
10. And last but definitely not least, Michael McKnight and Abigail O’Malley from my short story Three Wishes, the guests of honor. Word on the street is they’ve got a fairy dance troupe following them around that’s bound to please the Halloween crowds. Dancing is a must at my outrageous party.
How about you? Any favorite fantasy characters on your list for your Ultimate Halloween party?


Check out the original post link below.

Guest Post: The Fictional Characters I’m inviting to my Ultimate Halloween Party by Paula Millhouse + Giveaway


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Leave a comment below. Tell us who’s on your Ultimate Halloween Party Guest List for 2015?

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