8 Sentence Sunday with the Weekend Writing Warriors and my Dragons of Chalvaren

     Heated voices drew their attention, and elf and dragon lifted their heads toward the open dragon paddock doors. A surge of hot adrenaline flooded Lachlan’s limbs. Theo Ansgar, Lachlan’s first mate in Dragon Command, stood at the edge of the green forest arguing with a short, rotund, red haired man. “What’s this? Theo’s flushed out a dwarf creeping round Cumberlae?”

     MacAndrew growled, low and sinister, edging closer to the paddock doors. He flicked his spiked tail. Lachlan sneered when he spotted the dwarf’s warthog grunting at the edge of the woods, pawing up insects and grubs, snorting, destroying the pristine castle grounds. “Is he alone?”

     “A dwarf is never a good sign, Lachlan, alone or in droves,” the dragon answered, extending his foreleg for the prince to climb up on his neck.  

Hi all,

First timer jumping in on 8 Sentence Sunday. I’ve been lurking, and reading other writer’s posts, and finally decided it’s time to play. Check out all the writer’s 8 Sentence Sunday Snippets here:  www.wewriwa.com

This snippet is from my WIP, Chalvaren Begins. It’s the prequel to Chalvaren Rising, a 100K Fantasy Romance I sold to Boroughs Publishing Group in January.

Chalvaren Rising is due out Summer of 2015, and that novel follows my short story, Dragonstone.

Dragons, Elves, Fantasy, Romance

Published by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse http://www.paulamillhouse.com Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

16 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday with the Weekend Writing Warriors and my Dragons of Chalvaren

  1. Welcome to Eight Sentence Sunday. An excellent way to start! I also loved the warthog – just the right companion for a dwarf. Nicely done, thank you for sharing.


  2. Thanks so much, Everyone. Bonnie, the warthog makes me laugh every time I read about him – Lachlan’s like: “Why would anyone ride a warthog when you could ride a dragon…?”


  3. Great 8! And thanks for joining in 🙂 I love how from such a short excerpt you’re really able to get a sense for the character’s personalities already; very strong voices!

    ~ Liza @ Classy Cat Books


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