8 Sentence Sunday, a Silver Dragon, and Chalvaren’s Antagonist – 5-10-15

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Weekend Writing Warriors

      Isa Ansgar knelt before a clutch of ten dragon eggs nestled securely in a thatch of deep balsam pine needles and gnarled tree roots in the darkening forest of Chalvaren’s Drahkos Mountains. “And so, we’ve found an unattended nest.” She flicked her eyes to the trees in search of the dragon dam. Prickling hairs stood at attention on the back of her neck and chills raced down her limbs despite the warmth of her black leathers. The dam roared off in the distance.
      Isa smiled at her own Silver dragon, a regal male now nearly forty years old, young for a dragon, but robust with iron-hard muscle and a keen sense of bloodlust she’d nurtured in him herself. Rather than breathing fire, Silvers breathed ice, a talent Isa coveted. Although he stood nearly seventeen feet tall today with a wingspan double that, now he crouched down between two enormous fir trees, waiting for her lavish praise and her next commands. “Good hunting, VanZanz.”

Silver Dragons:

Creating worlds where fantasy creatures live fascinates me. But it’s not just creating a different and wonderful setting my Readers can get lost in, or Silver Dragons – it’s rather the human connection a writer needs to show. Emotions we all recognize – love, desire, hatred, anger, and even disappointment – that’s what connects us all, no matter the world we’re immersed in.

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That’s the real challenge of writing fantasy, or science fiction, or any fiction, really. How can we show the absence of those emotions, and then the desire to experience them, the desire to connect?

Chalvaren’s Antagonist:

Antagonists are the perfect vehicle for showing deep, dark secrets we all know and hide from the world. Through the best antagonists, the bad guys and gals we all love to hate, we learn about ourselves, our world, and that’s where fiction rings true.

Dragonstone - Paula Millhouse - Dragons - Elves
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I hope you enjoy reading my antagonist, Isa Ansgar. She’s debuting, and arguing her case in Chalvaren Rising, due out Summer 2015 from Boroughs Publishing Group. I can’t wait to share my fantasy romance novel with you.

8 Sentence Sunday:

Be sure to check in at the Weekend Writing Warrior’s website to see snippets from all the 8 Sentence Sunday warriors – you just might find your next favorite book listed there.

If you’d like to catch a glimpse into my story world, start by reading my Lunchbox Romance Dragonstone, a short story, available now from Boroughs Publishing Group.

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5 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday, a Silver Dragon, and Chalvaren’s Antagonist – 5-10-15

  1. I’m not sure I have one favorite villain. Off the top of my head, the witch from the old Disney version of Sleeping Beauty.

    This snippet feels pretty familiar. Have you adapted it from something I read before?


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