8 Sentence Sunday 5-31-15 – Kick off your Summer 2015 with Dragons on the Beach of Chalvaren

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Dragons on the Beach of Chalvaren

   “Yes, I’m starving, just like him,” Mia said, but looked away from the feasting dragons. Magnus was not exactly clean with his first meal on Chalvaren, and fish scales flew everywhere. He got sand in his teeth and when he looked up, a long strand of wet green seaweed hung down from his snout.

     Magnus edged away from the slick green strand. He pawed at it with his little black claw and stumbled forward, face-first into the sand. Mia covered her mouth with her hand and doubled over with laughter. The little black dragon raised his snout and swiped at the sand, and when he blinked, it sprinkled into his eyes. Garnet groaned in what sounded like exasperation and the big red dragon promptly ushered Magnus down to the waterline to rinse off in the shallow waves.

This scene is from Chalvaren Rising, my Fantasy Romance due out Summer 2015 from Boroughs Publishing Group. It’s prequel, the short story Dragonstone, is available now.

Kick off your Summer 2015

What are your Summer vacation plans this year? Do you have a favorite beach destination? Have you ever visited a beach with dragons? They exist, you know…

Dragonstone, Chalvaren Rising
Dragons of Bulgaria
Photo courtesy of LittleDrakon/Wikicommons

8 Sentence Sunday – #8Sunday

Join me and the Weekend Writing Warriors for another 8 Sentence Sunday. It’s a blog hop where writers share snippets of their works in progress.

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19 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday 5-31-15 – Kick off your Summer 2015 with Dragons on the Beach of Chalvaren

    1. Oh, Veronica, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment on my snippet. Magnus is indeed having trouble fitting in to Chalvaren. It’s going to be fun watching him and Mia find their way.


    1. You clearly identified with Garnet The Red right away, Ed. That’s awesome. Garnet is Magnus’ sire, and yes, he’s got his hands (or claws, as the case may be) full with teaching Magnus how to be a fighting dragon of Chalvaren.


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