Talking Dragons, Determined Heroines, and Fantasy Romance

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  “If I can get your wing tip covered with this salve I think it could heal by morning,” Mia said.
      Garnet reared back from her and curled his lips at the stench. Sharp white teeth greeted her, and his eyes glittered with revulsion. “I don’t think so,” the great red dragon said.
      “But, you’ll feel so much better.” Sure, the stench of the salve was a sacrifice, but still… She held up a hand covered in the viscous ointment she meant to smear on his cuts. He skidded away from her like a small child, lifted his magnificent head, and covered his nose with his injured wing. “No.”
     “Don’t you dare try to run away from me!” He recoiled, hissed, and attempted just that. She chased him around in a circle, and Garnet squawked out quite an unchivalrous sound.
      She seized the moment, scrambled up his back, and smeared his wounds with the foul, malodorous mixture. He squirmed and growled and howled and writhed, but Mia was fast, and showed him no mercy. “Hold still, you big baby! This won’t hurt but for a second …”

Talking Dragons

Garnet the Red makes his fiction debut in Chavlaren Rising, coming this summer from Boroughs Publishing Group. While he’s a very special dragon, in this scene he’s acting just like any other male who doesn’t want to be tended.

Determined Heroines

Mia Ansgar makes her debut in Dragonstone, but in Chalvaren Rising she’s finding her way amongst her fellow elves, and their dragons. In this scene, Mia’s clearly got her hands full trying to patch Garnet up, and tend his wounds.

Fantasy Romance

Mia and Garnet set out on a quest to recover Elf Prince Kort Elias and Magnus the dragonlet from their abductors. Do you like fantasy romance stories with a quest at their heart? I’d love to go on a quest with a talking dragon – just seems like my kind of fun.

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42 thoughts on “Talking Dragons, Determined Heroines, and Fantasy Romance

  1. I love the fact that she calls him a big baby. She sure isn’t scared of him. I liked this interaction.


  2. Loved the fun nature to this scene! I might side with the dragon though, I wouldn’t want something foul smelling on my wounds. I’m stubborn. I’ll take the pain instead. LOL


  3. Love that the big bad dragon is such a baby when he needs his wounds tended. I guess males of every species are the same. lol Enjoyed the snippet.


    1. Hi Samantha. The novel is currently in Line Edits, so the date is still top secret. I’ll let you know as soon as the date is firm. Thank you so much for loving DragonStone, Sam. Magnus roars “Hi!”


      1. Can’t blame her. I don’t now much about dragon wings, but my experience with butterflies, moths and birds is that even the slightest bit out of place can seriously affect flying in the future.


  4. LOL although I sympathize with him. I would almost rather be in pain than suffer a terrible stench. Great snippet, Paula. 🙂


  5. I love your talking dragons. They’re so much fun.
    Garnet is such a baby About the ointment. I can see the scene in my mind. Nice job!


    1. Men & boys are probably the worst, right Christina. My #100 watchdog acts like this too whenever it’s time to tend him. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I’m glad you love my dragons.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Aurora. He made me laugh too when he hid his nose with his wing. He’s such a great dragon. I had tons of fun and gratitude when he showed up for work in this story. Thank you for commenting.


    1. Hi Linda,
      Yes, Garnet loves Mia so much. I’m glad you picked up on that. This fantasy romance has so much more to the story than just the love scenes between Kort and Mia.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.


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