Weekend Writing Warriors 7/11/15, a Dragon named Magnus, and Chalvaren Rising Cover Reveal

     “Dragons do exist…?” Mia Ansgar asked, and stared at the sleeping horse-sized dragonlet.

     He slept peacefully under a protective spell of magic outside her cottage door which she’d help conjure. She edged around Kort Elias, the elf she’d cast the spell with, to get a better look and satisfy her curiosity. “He’s awfully small for a dragon. I thought they were bigger?”

     “He’s only three days old, Mia,” Kort said, took her hand, and joined her to inspect him. “Trust me, they get bigger. This little guy’s egg was stolen by a mercenary, and I’m here to see him returned to the wing of mighty dragons in the Kingdom Chalvaren.”

     The dragonlet’s wings were iridescent black like the rest of his hide, but their tips were swirled with purple and teal. His head was rather equine, with rounded bony horns, and as she peeked up into Kort’s sapphire blue eyes, she asked, “What’s his name?”

     “This dragon’s name is Magnus.”

Every weekend a group of writers gets together, and we share snippets from our writing. I’m thrilled to be a part of Weekend Writing Warriors, and to share Chalvaren Rising with you. Be sure to visit the blog hop and check out all the talented writers over at WEWRIWA.com

We expect Chalvaren Rising to go live this week, which means Magnus flies off into the world of fiction.

Here’s our first glimpse of Kort and Mia.

With the love of Kort, Chalvaren’s warrior-prince heir, Mia Ansgar will seize her birthright and become the great dragon-riding wizardess prophesied to free that elven kingdom from her embittered sorceress kin.

Dragons, elf, nobility, female protagonist, Kingdom of Chalvaren, Fantasy, Romance, Love, Paula Millhouse, Boroughs Publishing Group, Magic, Wizard, Witch, Family

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     Twenty-five years ago, Theo Ansgar abandoned the Kingdom of Chalvaren for a hiding place on another world. Some called him traitor. Some, thief. Now his fully grown daughter Mia must return to the land of her birth…and their war.

     It was the elf prince Kort Elias who brought her back. Theirs was an instant connection, an inescapable union of body, soul and sorcery, reminding Mia of what she truly is, and what she must become. There is also Magnus, destined to be more potent than any wyrm Chalvaren has ever seen, a three-day-old dragonlet Mia must nurture and then ride. And then there is the Dragonstone, an artifact of power nonpareil. Joined, they can tip the scales of battle against the wraith-possessed forces of darkness, of Mia’s own embittered kin.

     Redemption will be offered, the protected will become the protector, and an ancient prophecy will come to fruition, but only righteous love can conquer all.

Dragon, fantasy, romance, Magnus the dragonlet, Chalvaren Rising, elf, magic, nobility, Boroughs Publishing GroupMy Dragonlet, Magnus


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Paula Millhouse, Fantasy Romance, Dragons, Elf, Magic, Nobility, Ficiton, Boroughs Publishing Group
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Weekend Writing Warriors


Published by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse http://www.paulamillhouse.com Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

25 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 7/11/15, a Dragon named Magnus, and Chalvaren Rising Cover Reveal

    1. Kind of a stretch for most dragons in fiction, I agree, Iris. We’ve been taught they are these great fiends, but I went a different way in Chalvaren. Hopefully my dragon’s character will win over the doubters. Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Alexis, once Magnus gets out of that spell of protection it turns into a free-for-all. Thanks for your positive comments. I hope people fall for Magnus as hard as I have.


  1. I love dragons. And I loved “He’s awfully small for a dragon.” (Reminds me of Star Wars and “Aren’t you a little short for a Storm Trooper?”) This is really promising to be a fun read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome, P.T. – glad you read the humor in the snippet. I love dragons too, and Magnus keeps us guessing, and laughing, poor thing. He’s got a ways to go to fit into his wings. Thanks for stopping by today.


    1. It’s fun to twist up characters, right? Baby dragon. Can’t land, can’t roar, and yes he’s a handful for Kort and Mia. But when he’s kidnapped by the antagonist, well, we’ll see what Kort and Mia are made of. Thanks for stopping by today, Veronica.


    1. Thanks, Christina. Yes, writing this novel brought up the theory of owning dragons and all the mayhem that might ensue. Thank goodness the elves in Chalvaren seem to have all that down to a science.


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