Weekend Writing Warriors 8-2-15, a Fantasy Romance Prophecy, Chalvaren Rising, and New York City!

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     Kort gently cradled her face between his hands. He stared at her, and a thousand words seemed to pass through his blue eyes. Flutters of trepidation strummed Mia’s belly.

     The sudden connection she felt to Kort was too intense. Especially since her father had not been the only one to predict the future. Before she died, her mother Melia had told her things, too.

     “One day your One True Love will come for you, Mia, and you’ll be honor-bound to help in his quest. How will you know him? Only your True Love can help you reverse the spell your father put on the Dragonstone. But if the two of you fail in his quest, you will end forever alone.”

     Mia pulled away from Kort and turned to stomp off into her cottage.

     He pursued. “Mia! Wait!”

Weekend Writing Warriors

Join me and tons of other amazing writers over at the WeWriWa website. You just might find your perfect story among the crowd.

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Weekend Writing Warriors

Fantasy Romance Prophecy

Mia wants a family of her own more than she wants sunlight on her skin, or air to breathe. In Chavaren Rising she’ll have to make a choice. Follow Kort Elias and his dragonlet back to the Kingdom of Chalvaren in order to help him in his quest, or end forever alone.

What would you do?

Chalvaren Rising

Chalvaren Rising is due out any day. An editorial snag postponed the release in July, but, alas, these things happen. I’m convinced the publishing gods are helping me learn real-life lessons centered around patience and character growth. One thing’s for sure, when the book is ready it will be pure magic. Here’s to being very Zen-like about the entire publishing process.

New York City

The delay did have its own benefits – during that time I visited     New York City for the first time as an #RWA15 First Timer. The conference was amazing. I met new writers. Did tons of research for my Romantic Suspense series. Met my editor, and an agent. And, I got to see the Statue of Liberty up close and personal. All-in-all, a great trip – Bucket List updated.

NYC 7-15 164
The Statue of Liberty

Written by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse http://www.paulamillhouse.com Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.


  1. Ahh! No! You aren’t supposed to stomp away on a prophecy like that! Though I can see how something like that would be overwhelming and unsettling and make you want to run.

    Love the line; “…a thousand words seemed to pass through his blue eyes. Flutters of trepidation strummed Mia’s belly.” Very nicely done.


  2. Good instincts, Ed. I love that book. Helping Magnus avoid those villagers with pitchforks was definitely Mia’s Save the Cat moment. Isn’t it amazing where you see those little things now?


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