Are you searching for your next favorite romance? Chalvaren Rising can meet that need.

Chalvaren Rising, Paula Millhouse, fantasy, romance, fiction, magic, dragons, nobility, adventure quest, sword and sorcery, love


     Naked now, with nothing but the Dragonstone hanging from her neck and long strands of blonde hair cascading over her breasts and hips, Kort drew in a tight breath.
     “Beautiful.” Gently he cupped an ample breast and kissed Mia again. His other hand fluttered down the curve of her waist to her buttock, and he squeezed her tenderly, wanting to feel her sleek curves against his skin. She sighed his name in a breathy whisper, and arched her soft body against his chest. He nuzzled her pointed ear and when she gasped, she pressed her body to his. His royal blue aura sparked to life and zipped across his bare skin. “So beautiful, my Mia.”
      Her hands went to work on his trousers. “Take these off,” she demanded, and loosened his belt, “because I’m dying to see you too.”

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Dragons, elf, nobility, female protagonist, Kingdom of Chalvaren, Fantasy, Romance, Love, Paula Millhouse, Boroughs Publishing Group, Magic, Wizard, Witch, Family

Or, if you want to find out how Kort and Mia’s romance got started, you can read the prequel today.


Fantasy Romance, Author Paula Millhouse, Boroughs Publishing Group, Happily Ever After, Elves, Magic

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38 thoughts on “Are you searching for your next favorite romance? Chalvaren Rising can meet that need.

    1. I’m with you, Daelyn – I was ready to see Kort and Mia encounter a certain change of pace too. Hey, this story is not all about Dragon wrangling. There’s so much love to be shared between them. They have a future dynasty to build together, and that means they need to make time to make little elves. The fun is in the getting there.

      Thanks for your comment!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Christine. I’m glad you liked the snippet. It’s fun to see Mia and Kort finally getting around to the issue at hand amonst all the dragon-wrangling and wizard-stopping.


    1. Chelle,
      I love the way your mind worked up that double entendre – it’s amazing to see the magic of a story worked through the eyes of a Reader. Thank you so much!


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