“Take your demons and leave my chosen family alone.” Weekend Writing Warriors & Snippet Sunday – Chalvaren Rising

Dear Weekend Writing Warriors,

Last time we met in The Kingdom of Chalvaren, Mia had gotten herself into quite a snit of trouble. Here’s that last line:

Mia reacted, dragging the Dragonstone from her tunic. She wasn’t sure what she could do, but if she— Only then did she realize her folly — this gem was nothing but paste, a decoy.

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Chalvaren Rising

It looked authentic, sure, but the real artifact was inside the bunker with the king, nestled securely in a safe she and King Lachlan designed together, safe from Isa’s attack.

But Isa doesn’t know that.

Mia fisted the jewel and thrust it above her head to catch the sun. She sparked her violet aura and encircled the purple Dragonstone with prisms of light that reflected over the courtyard, and this was what accomplished Mia’s goal – Isa saw it and froze.

Isa strode forward, her blue eyes blazing with malevolence and furious need. The woman looked like Mia’s father, though with long, straight, ebon hair. “I want that artifact.”

Mia shook off Isa’s icy stare, removed the imitation gem, swung its chain above her head and flooded it with the energy of her aura. “Call off the attack and it’s yours. Take your demons and leave my chosen family alone.”

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All right, Warriors. Halloween’s coming. What do you think of Mia’s magic now? Do you like to read stories with a little magic thrown in for good measure?

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26 thoughts on ““Take your demons and leave my chosen family alone.” Weekend Writing Warriors & Snippet Sunday – Chalvaren Rising

  1. I’m curious why she calls it her chosen family. Good luck fooling Isa, I hope her ploy works, without being discovered and killed for it. She’s going to be one pissed off villain when she realizes it is fake though. Look out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s just no accounting for family, right Kim?
      I’ve found it interesting how many people who’ve read the book want to know more about what happened between Mia’s father and Isa, really about their whole history.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Veronica. Mia’s just now coming into her own in this story. She’s damned determined not to let Isa win, but that’ll test her mettle before the tale is told.


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