And just what the hell was this female’s business with his prized dragon?

     The dragonlet’s tracks ended in an isolated field across from a simple little cottage.

     Spotting movement, Kort dove for cover in the grasses. A young woman exited the wooden door with a basket in her hands and a smile on her face, and she turned her back and set to work in the small garden, snipping this and harvesting that, collecting flowers and vegetables. The tips of her pointed ears instantly drew his attention.

     Okay, another elf.

     It made sense, he allowed. He’d tracked the youngling, and Magnus’s tracks ended here. The dragon’s instincts could have led him to this elf, but Magnus was nowhere in the vicinity. And just what the hell was this female’s business with his prized dragon?

     One thing was certain – he wasn’t leaving without the Aurora, even if he had to fight this woman for him.

OK, Weekend Writing Warriors. An additional excerpt here from Dragonstone. Last we left Kort Elias he was tracking the stolen dragonlet Magnus. Now he’s found a surprise waiting for him where the dragon’s tracks end. What works for you here? Show me you’ve been here by clicking the Like button, or leave a comment.

Join me this next week as I take my two stories in The Kingdom of Chalvaren on a virtual blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours. We have guest blogs, and prizes if you’re into that sort of thing. Help me celebrate these two amazing stories and find out what happens to Magnus.

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40 thoughts on “And just what the hell was this female’s business with his prized dragon?

    1. Right, Daelyn. I wouldn’t want to give the baby dragon back either. I love how everyone immediately feels empathy for Magnus. He’s such an amazing little imp. It’s been a huge privilege to write him into fiction.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. So, think “The Hobbit” elves – taller than humans, long hair, beautiful to look at, bow-wielding light elves. I hope that came across in the snippets – tough to manage in only 10 sentences, right?


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