Dragons were drawn to ghostfire like moths to a flame: The Kingdom of Chalvaren Romance Series.

     As he fisted his hands and sized up the dwelling from his vantage point in the high grasses of an empty field, a shiver raced up Kort’s arms. Under the bright rays of the midday sun, blue ghostfire crackled up from the cottage eaves.

     That’s not supposed to exist off Chalvaren.

     On Chalvaren, ghostfire lived as a signature, a manifestation of elven energy like their auras but left behind whenever elves practiced magic or passed to the Great Beyond. Dragons were drawn to ghostfire like moths to a flame.

     The fact that it was dancing above this cottage meant magic existed here, elven magic, leaving new questions littering Kort’s mind: What kind of sorcery was being practiced here, and who dared wield it? Who among his people would choose to live here rather than the glittering kingdom of Kort’s forefathers?

     An ominous feeling of dread suddenly flipped around in his gut. Kort never believed in the Dragonstone, or in the legends surrounding it, but others did – had that damn mercenary been playing straight with his mother after all?

Hello, Weekend Writing Warriors. An additional excerpt here from Dragonstone. Last we left Elf Prince Kort Elias he was tracking the stolen dragonlet Magnus, and he’d discovered another elf. Now he’s found an additional unexpected surprise waiting for him where the dragon’s tracks end.

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Dragons, Elves, Fantasy, Romance, Dragonstone, Paula Millhouse, Elves, Magic, Adventure, Quest, Nobility, Royalty

Dragons, elf, nobility, female protagonist, Kingdom of Chalvaren, Fantasy, Romance, Love, Paula Millhouse, Boroughs Publishing Group, Magic, Wizard, Witch, Family

Published by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse http://www.paulamillhouse.com Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

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