Abigail O’Malley meets her Leprechaun: “I need all the luck you can lend me today…” THREE WISHES Weekend Writing Warriors 2-28-16

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     Abby approached the old live oak tree that shaded her Savannah property and placed the miniature fairy door at the base of the tree, just so, settling one of the delicate little chairs beside it, then the bench, and the remaining two chairs belong on the other side. She walked around the tree, set up the fancy little charms in an inviting arrangement, squeezed her eyes shut and asked a mighty question of the universe and whatever power imagination truly held within the world.

     She asked for hope, peace, and some way to solve this mess with her father’s bar.

     “Please, little fairies, I need all the luck you can lend me today and I’m inviting you back here to play to show me what to do.”

     A mighty wind kicked up and swirled through the branches of the grand old oak, fluttering her curly red hair with its force. Abby opened her eyes then frowned, surprised, because clearly, the stress of it all had finally taken its toll. The fairy charms vibrated and glowed with brilliant color, and a leprechaun dressed in a Kelly green suit, with a top hat and pointed shoes, stood waiting on the other side of the tree, a radiant smile lighting his face.

     Abby gasped, stepped back, and scurried around the oak toward the safety of the house. She shrieked as her world closed in around her. Her knees chose that moment to give way, and she collapsed into a heap at the base of the tree.


Legend has it if you leave fairy charms around your place, and the fairies are pleased with your offerings, they’ll protect your property.

While leprechauns have earned sort of a grizzly reputation in history and fiction if you look deeper into their Irish history they actually were once proud, fierce warriors who defended the island of Ireland from invaders. Of course, once the Church got a foothold in Ireland they diminished the great warrior’s reputation into evil little green men who practiced magic and hoarded gold.

In THREE WISHES I twisted up the history and the legends just a little and came up with a fairy tale where love is in the air and a little bit of magic just might save the day.


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     Abigail O’Malley wants to find true love…which is about as easy as catching a leprechaun.


Abigail O’Malley’s world turns upside down when a rival Irishman threatens to take her bar, an historic Savannah landmark, mere days before the start of the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

When she captures a leprechaun with fairy charms, her three wishes include his gold, fairy magic, and the mystery of her One True Love.

Michael McKnight has pined over Abby forever, but will he have time to reveal his true nature and prove he’s up to the task of granting all her wishes before the bad guys close in and destroy Abby’s dreams forever?

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Published by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse http://www.paulamillhouse.com Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

28 thoughts on “Abigail O’Malley meets her Leprechaun: “I need all the luck you can lend me today…” THREE WISHES Weekend Writing Warriors 2-28-16

  1. I love this snippet! I can picture it perfectly and methinks she just got the shocker of her life. Careful what you wish for, honey. Even if you don’t believe, life loves to throw the curveballs.

    Love the photo of the tree and the cover for the book as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chelle, you’re right. Some of the folklore about leprechauns and all fairies, for that matter, is a little worrisome. But this is a romance, through and through. I’m glad you noticed Michael’s smile. Next week, we’ll meet him!


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