Okay, so I’m a monster hunter – Weekend Writing Warriors 3-20-16


Happy weekend, everyone! I’m switching gears this Sunday. This snippet is from my new WIP. The question I came up with this week is how do I best introduce a character when writing in first person POV? And, can I do that in 8-10 sentences?

Here’s the setup: When creatures like vampires, werewolves, or even innocent looking fairies go rogue and endanger human lives The Knight’s Watch Brigade shows up and stops them. This story features Samantha “Sam” Silverton and her trusty sidekick Max.


     “Just my damn luck!” I peered into the blue-green waves of the Gulf of Mexico, and held on tight to the side of the lurching sixty-five foot charter boat, the Fish-&-Get-Em. “Watch out, Max, the mermaid’s got the anchor line, and she’s coming around for the kill!”

     This was a different way to spend a day in Key West, but, hey, at least I wasn’t dodging the tourist crowds down on Duvall Street.

     Hunting mermaids was not for the faint of heart. Rumor had it this particular muse from the deep had it in for the sailors of Key West, but no one knew why, so I’d volunteered for the assignment when The Knight’s Watch Brigade offered it. My official badge reads Samantha Silverton – Water Elements Specialist. Okay, so I’m a monster hunter.

     I turned and yelled at my trusty side-kick Max, “Cut her loose before she sinks the damn boat!”

     Max, my thirty-five pound Maine Coon Cat bounded up to the back of the center mounted fighting chair, and yelled, “Cut that anchor, Captain Tom, or else we’re all going down!”


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So, what do you think, Warriors? Does the First person POV work? I’d love to field your comments, and alternately you can click the LIKE button to let me know you’ve been here. Happy writing.

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Published by Paula Millhouse

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29 thoughts on “Okay, so I’m a monster hunter – Weekend Writing Warriors 3-20-16

  1. Love the name of the ship! And I love her casual thought of “okay, so I’m a monster hunter”, that is just perfect. I’m already intrigued by this and want to know why the mermaid has it out for the sailors of Key West now as well. I love how the sidekick is a Coon cat, this shall prove a very interesting tale. Nice setup.

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