I’m so excited to introduce you to my kitten, Marmalade!


Tuesday, 10-25-16, is release day for Marmalade’s First Christmas, and I am SO excited!

Marmalade's First Christmas, novella, contemporary romance, kitten, stories, romance, holiday cheer, holidays, kindle, billionaire

As a special treat I wanted to share a short excerpt from the story with you today, and introduce you to my kitten, Marmalade, and his people, Jake and Marley.


Jake Simons eased his pickup truck into a parking space in front of Marley West’s Vets4Pets on Main Street and glanced down at the scruffy kitten on his lap. He smiled. “You ready for this, little one?”

     The orange marmalade tabby peered up into his face with almond-shaped blue eyes, and answered with a curious mew. He had a stumpy, crooked tail, and Jake worried he’d been injured. He stroked the kitten’s chin, and grimaced a little when the tiny cat purred and buried his head in his hand. Sweet little cuss. “I’ll bet Marley can help find you a forever home? You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

     He gathered the marmalade up and secured him inside his quilted denim jacket to protect him from the cold. With Christmas just around the corner, the weather in Lexington had turned icy with the threat of a blizzard blowing in. The kitten hadn’t stopped shivering since they’d found each other.

     Jake made his way into the pet shop and stopped for a moment. “See, there. That’s Marley, little one. She’s the lady for this job.” The kitten poked his head out and searched around, hanging on to him with pinpoints of tiny claws. Jake winced, but held the kitten gently.

     Dressed in green denim jeans and a soft red sweater, Marley was busy helping a customer decide on a Christmas present – a dog bed for a growing Labrador Retriever puppy who wiggled and yipped its owner’s feet – so Jake waited and wandered around the aisles of the old store.

Published by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse http://www.paulamillhouse.com Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

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