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Time to celebrate!

Writer’s Life: It’s time for a glass of wine, readers.

I hope your holidays were exactly what you needed. Mine were rich with visits to family and friends. And 2018 has been busy for me on the writing front as well. I finished Book #2 in my Hunters’ Watch Brigade urban fantasy series, went through copy edits for Book #1, which will release soon, and now I’m looking forward to writing Book #3.

Book #1 – The Copy Edit

Writers, don’t let anyone ever tell you you don’t need an editor. Readers can tell the difference. My copy editor did a jam-up job of making my story better than I ever could have alone. Using a specific set of skills, copy editors make your sentences shine.

Book #2 – Finishing the book

I’ll be honest, there were a few weeks in December that left me wondering if I could meet my submission deadline of January 15th. For instance, all those holiday pressures, yeah, they got to me too. But somehow, through the grace of God and diligent work with my critique partner, I took the MS I wrote during NaNoWriMo2017, and finished it. I turned it in ten days early. Hence the reward of that awesome glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay.

Book #3 – Plotting out the perfect follow-up

See all those sticky notes in the photo of my long-hand journal? Yep. That’s the start of Book #3, the bones of the story. I use a combination of storytelling structures to give readers a winning story line. Then I weave the magic of my imagination through deep point of view scenes with each of my characters, and we have a story.

Summing up

I’ll start writing Book #3 next week, and hopefully I’ll have the complete series of Sam and Max’s adventures available for readers this year through my publisher. I do set up my own deadlines, and my goal is to write seven-thousand words per week. That’s about 12 weeks to a finished novel. The writer’s life isn’t for everyone, but there are definite rewards along the way.

Wish me well as I hit the keyboard again to bring you more stories from the Hunters’ Watch Brigade world.

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