Spotting a mermaid usually means trouble.

Mermaids – a character sketch.Paula Millhouse, Hunters' Watch Brigade, Moriah, Sam & Max

Why do mermaids enchant people?

From Ariel in The Little Mermaid to Madison in Splash, merfolk have fascinated mankind since the dawn of time – well, since sailors took the sea, and authors put pen to parchment.

Spotting a mermaid ususally means trouble. Known as sirens of the deep, legend has it they lure men in with their supernatual beauty, then steal their gold, and drag them to the bottom of the sea to meet a watery grave. Even Jack Sparrow taught us that in Pirates of the Carribean.

Samantha Silverton, my main character in my novel Hunters’ Watch Brigade: Intitiation, ran into a mermaid named Moriah. I cornered Samantha in a cafe one day for an interview, and here’s what we learned.

Interview with Samantha Silverton

Me: So Sam, what can you tell about Moriah?

She stared at me with wide open blue eyes. “I really shouldn’t be discussing classified HWB business.”

Me: But people want to know what happened, right? Can’t you tell us just a little bit about what Moriah wanted? Just, like,what was her problem?

Sam heaved out a sigh. “Okay, but this stays on this blog. The last thing I need is for information about this getting out. If my vampire handler finds out your readers are sharing mission secrets all over social media, he’ll likely be furious,” Sam said, and sat down to tell me her story.

Me: So, Moriah sank a boat down in Key West?

“By the time we got there she’d already sank four vessels from Charter Boat Row out of Garrison Bight Marina.” She tossed up four fingers for emphasis. “My job was to find her, and bring her in so the HWB commanders could question her and stop her supernatural shennanigans.”

Me: What was her story?

Sam ran one hand through her long, dark brown hair. “A tale as old as time. Some sailor she tried to lure into the deep rejected her and broke her heart. Oh, man, she was mad as a moray by the time I found her.”

Me: What happened? Did you stop her? Did you bring her in?

She tapped one finger against her chin. “Let’s just say we had a confrontation five miles off the coast of Key West.”

Me: Wait, like underwater? How does that work? Did you Scuba dive to get to her?”

“Look, I’m a halfling daughter of Poseidon, so let’s just say the water doesn’t bother me, okay?”

Me: So you went in after her? You were hunting a mermaid? Are you crazy?

She shrugged a shoulder. “I’ve got skills. I work for the Hunters’ Watch Brigade. When supernaturals go rogue and endganger humans, that’s what we do. We step in, and we stop them.”

Me: How on Earth does one stop a mad mermaid?

She grimaced, then refused to look me in the eye. “Like I said, I can’t discuss my missions in public. Your people will have to read the novel to get the details.”

Me: When will the book be out?

“According to the publishing gods, my first story, HWB: Intitiation is due to release on March 9th, 2018.”

Me: Okay, so can people get advanced copies or something? Readers want to know about this book. Word of mouth is important.

Sam stood up and checked her watch. “Look, I gotta run, but over the next few weeks our publisher will use Net Galley for qualified advanced readers. I’ll get back to you when I have more information.”

Me: I’ll look forward to hearing from you, Sam. Be careful out there. And thanks so much for your time.

Hunter’s Watch Brigade: Initiation

So, there you have it. Straight from he demi-god’s mouth. Mermaids can cause trouble, and we can all find out what happened when the novel comes out.

I can’t wait to share HWB:Initiation with all of you. Check back here for details of this upcoming release from Bell Books/Bell Bridge Books/Imajinn Books.

Photo design: (c) Paula Millhouse/Mermaid (manipulated) (c) Corey Ford/Depositphotos

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