Fancy new Author Logo and a question – Is branding important for writers?


Do you recognize businesses by their logos? Does that give you faith in the products you buy? It sure seems to work for businesses like Coke, Nike, and FB, right?, fiction, urban fantasy, romance, books, ebooks, novel, Hunters' Watch Brigade,, logo, art, Paula Millhouse, branding, fiction, blog


Everyone talks about how important branding is in the world of business. It starts out with an idea, a tagline, and then a logo. Then you get an artist involved, and there you go, you collaborate and a brand is designed.

ICONS for writers

In the writer’s world the old adage is “Your next book is the most important part of your business.” And while I agree, I sure do like my new logos.

What do you think? Are icons/logos important as a branding tool for writers?


Logo design (c) Paula Millhouse/Feather Writing (manipulated) (c) elaelo/Depositphotos


Written by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.


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