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Book Tour ~ Hunters’ Watch Brigade: The Game by Paula Millhouse

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A magical tale.

If you like to read magical stories where Supernatural creatures like vampires, ghosts, shape shifters, witches, wizards, and demigods compete in a mystery game to save the world with a sprinkling of Greek and Egyptian mythology, you’ve found your next book! Sprinkle in a hot romance between the main characters as a bonus and watch the sparks fly.

Join us as we celebrate the release of

Hunters’ Watch Brigade: The Game

on June 15th!


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Paula Millhouse, Book Tour giveaway, Hunters' Watch Brigade: The Game, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Gaming, Gamers, Scavenger hunt, Manhattan, vampires, shifters, witches, Greek Mythology Win!

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Paula Millhouse, Hunters' Watch Brigade: The Game, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Scavenger hunt, Travel, Video games; cell phone app; quest; treasure hunt; Gods & Goddesses; Shape shifters; Cat shifters; Witches & Wizards; Vampires; Saving the world; Demigod heroine; New York City; Winter Solstice; Statue of Liberty; Central Park; 911 Memorial; Green Wood Cemetery; Empire State Building; Times Square; Mount Olympus; Zeus; Poseidon; Artemis; Pegasus

Hunters’ Watch Brigade: The Game

By Paula Millhouse

A demigod’s work is never done…

All monster hunter Samantha Silverton wants is a little R&R. She and her sexy partner, cat shifter Max, have a week off in the city that never sleeps, and she intends to enjoy it. But before she can unpack her suitcase, she’s caught up in the middle of a wicked game—a smartphone app driven scavenger hunt that’s bringing all the big, bad Supernaturals to NYC to play. The bad part? The game was the brainchild of Alex Van Dam—Sam’s first love. What’s worse? She has to play alone.

Maximillion Ra hasn’t quite got a handle on his unique shifter magic yet. He’s in love with Sam, but if he’s ever going to be any good to her, he has to face his family’s curse. But how can he leave Sam now, especially with her old flame in the picture?

Alex Van Dam isn’t interested in who wins his game. He just wants to find the final prize—an ancient Greek relic. Once he has it, he’ll use the artifact’s magic to control all the Supernaturals in Manhattan, starting with the Hunters’ Watch Brigade.

Only Sam stands in his way. And without Max by her side, even the monster hunting daughter of Poseidon has to wonder if she stands a chance…

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Paula Millhouse



Paula Millhouse

Paula Millhouse

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Paula Millhouse

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Written by Paula Millhouse

Author Paula Millhouse Where Fantasy, Romance, and Suspense collide.

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