DRAGONSTONE: A Kingdom of Chalvaren Romance

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  DRAGONSTONE: A Kingdom of Chalvaren Romance

Elf prince Kort Elias journeys to a new world in search of a stolen royal dragon egg and discovers a lost elven princess, a prophecy, and danger; and only true love–and an erotic magic he’s never experienced–will set them free.


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By Paula Millhouse
Published by Boroughs Publishing Group
Published: May 13, 2013
Words: 15,635 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781938876288


Cover Reveal at Heroes and Heartbreakers: May 7th, 2013

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Great. First royal dragon egg stolen from Chalvaren in ten thousand years and the damn thing’s already hatched.” Kort Elias grimaced and stared at the remnants of the Aurora eggshell. When he crouched down and touched the enormous object—he could have easily crawled inside—it crumbled to dust in his hands. “Worse, it’s been at least a day, maybe two.”

A thieving mercenary had brought the egg here to this planet of humans, one dimension hop away from Chalvaren, and Kort had required a wizard’s help to teleport in pursuit. The queen his mother forbade him to give chase, but when Kort discovered the double-crosser took the egg from the royal hatchery, Queen Elissabet’s edict paled before the need to recover the dragonlet. Also, ignoring his mother’s wishes was a lifelong sport at which Kort particularly excelled.

He picked up three black dragon scales, smelled them, manipulated them in his fingers then held the fragile scales up to the sunlight. They were translucent, iridescent…baby dragon scales. His grimace became a frown. Poor thing. All alone in a strange world with no other dragons to coach him, to show him what to eat, how to fly, how to roar, how to be what he was. Kort’s heart hitched. He’d tracked the thief for well over a week, but he was clearly too late. He was seeing the fallout of his mother’s bad decision-making.

“Damn you, Elissabet!” He shook his fist at the sky. “Look at what you’ve conjured up with your ridiculous legend, mother.” No treasure, just a lost little dragon.

“At least he’s eaten.” Kort’s eyes ranged to the remains of the mercenary. Without proper handling, without a first feast available right outside his eggshell, the hatchling had devoured his abductor. Served the bastard right. Before stealing the egg, the larcenous mercenary had filled the queen’s head with stories and romantic notions, claimed he had intelligence on the whereabouts of Chalvaren’s mythological treasure, the Dragonstone. The fist-sized amethyst was valuable beyond means, and a prophecy of peace accompanied it. Kort doubted the thing existed, but even if it did, the mercenary wasn’t man enough to return it. Clearly.

Kort stood up and surveyed the scene, fingering the dragon scales, noticing their smooth texture. “Where’d you go little one?”

The wooded forest around him held similarities to his home world in the types of trees, brush and rocks. Kort heard water running somewhere off in the distance. Good. The dragon would find it and drink. Small winged fowl fluttered about the sky, in the bushes, searching for food, calling to their kind. Insects hummed and a breeze blew. The sun shone brightly in the midmorning sky. The major difference here? No dragons.

When his mother paid the mercenary to locate the Dragonstone of Chalvaren she’d surely had no idea he would double-cross her, but really, how better to find a treasure than with a dragon? Dragons had affinity for all things valuable. Unfortunately for the mercenary, the only treasure here was the one he’d brought with him…and that treasure had turned on him.

Kort shook his head and laughed wryly. Dragon-wrangling took a special touch. Most men failed because they had no idea what the hell they were doing. He knew dragons, and dragons responded to his gentle, firm hand. It was women who were dangerous, women like his mother, what with their manipulations and imaginations. He did his best to stay away from them, though that drove Queen Elissabet insane. He preferred the company of dragons. No deception, no worries. Just straightforward danger.

Ruling Chalvaren meant danger, too, or at the very least the hard life of a soldier, a warrior, a dragon wrangler. Though the palace was his for the taking, Kort had focused on building up his kingdom’s defenses. He left the gold brocade suits and comforts to his younger brothers, and while his father King Elias insisted Kort attend his mother’s parties on major holidays—something he tried his best to get out of—Kort had no heart for softness. He had yet even to choose a future queen. Perhaps he never would. His heart belonged to dragons, and he only felt at home with his bow strapped to his back, a quiver full of arrows, and a mighty beast flying beneath him.

Magnus. That was this dragon’s name, or it would be when the beast was found. Recovering the Aurora was imperative. Prophecy foretold of a dragon named Magnus leading the winged guard on Chalvaren, and if the beast remained missing the other dragons would surely revolt. Lucan Brix the wizard had told Kort as much.

Kort’s aura flared blue around him, and he began tracking the Aurora through the forest. As he walked he recalled more of what the wizard said. After a half-mile, he smirked down at the tracks. “Magnus. Sworn protector of Chalvaren, an Aurora-class dragon gifted with the ability to breathe both fire and acid at maturity—and with flight from birth. So, why is he walking?”

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He laughed, but then sadness gripped Kort. The dragon was only a few days old. The little guy was lost, wandering all alone, and he hadn’t figured things out yet. Kort would not rest until he had the dragonlet safe beside him.

He knelt down and placed his hand beside the dragon tracks. Three times the spread of his large hand, the youngling’s print indicated he’d already grown. A new worry flooded Kort’s heart. He had to find Magnus, but he also had to figure out a way to get them both back home. The wizard’s teleportation amulet had disintegrated along with half his clothes. But, surely magic existed on this plane; the wizard had alluded to it. If not, Kort would be stranded.

In time, he supposed, Magnus could help him find that magic, as dragons were attuned to the arcane. But Kort didn’t want to spend years waiting for the creature to develop that ability, and this was all predicated on the possibility he could find the beast, keep him safe, hidden and fed. A tall task.

The ring on his third finger glinted in the sunlight, casting his family’s royal crest back at him, and Kort glowered at it. Getting back to Chalvaren and his adoring mother would prove an interesting task. But as he rose and strode forward in pursuit of his charge, Kort remembered one last point that lifted his heart.

“Speech. This dragon will be gifted with the power of speech.”

Ha. That would be the day. A talking dragon would be rare indeed. Almost as rare as one who demonstrated loyalty without being broken. Or a woman who demonstrated as much. When he found that, perhaps he’d let his mother marry him off.

Reviews: People – Speak your Mind

Dragonstone is an alluring, passionate, and captivating read that takes you back to a time when men where Alpha Males. Kort is an Elf Prince with no ambitions to rule. When the Dragonstone is stolen Kort must track it and a newborn baby dragon down before more damage is done. Along his journey he comes across Mia, a lost Elven Princess. Kort and Mia have an intense connection right from the beginning. Sparks fly, snark arises, and bodies collide. This is a short story that will end all too soon. The author did a good job of fitting a lot of information in a short story. It really gives you a preview of what they rest of the series will be like!

Adventure, Danger, True Love, Elves and Dragons! Take a trip to a magical world and let your imagination soar!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Legends, true love and dragons – who could want more?, June 13, 2013

B. Sharp (Eyota, MN)
This review is from: Dragonstone (Kingdom of Chalvaren) (Kindle Edition)

My thoughts:
This is a super fast read. The story is short, but very worth reading. You get a feel for the characters straight away and can’t help but get emotional. The storyline is entertaining and complete with an ending that leaves you both pleased and anticipating more. I am looking forward to reading more from Paula Millhouse.

5.0 out of 5 stars An imaginative fantasy for adults June 28, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
When Kort’s love for dragons leads him to a more serious love for an Elven Princess, everything changes.Kort wants to get a dragon back that is attached to an appealing Prophecy of leadership that may mean him. Only the dragon hatchling can lead him to the Dragonstone, and he’s travelled from another dimension to get it back. Little does he know that his goal means that he will have to cross paths with the daughter of a traitor, and one whom he is instantly attracted to. To Mia though, he’s just a piece of a fairytale that her father used to tell her, so they start off on an interesting foot to say the least. Things get even more complicated when the village mob comes after them and their dragon.This is a great short fantasy tale with solid characters, an imaginative plot, and a spice of erotica.

A magical tale, August 23, 2013

This review is from: Dragonstone (Kingdom of Chalvaren) (Kindle Edition)

I received this book as a winner in a contest. Loved it so much I just had to review!

Magnus is a cute hatchling attracted to the elven magic surrounding Mia’s home. Stolen and hatched in a different dimension he instinctively heads towards it. Kort, Prince of Chalvaren had come to find him, save him and bring him home. What he finds is Mia and the lost treasure of Chalvaren, the Dragonstone. But Mia is an even greater treasure to him.

The characters are enjoyable. The desire is natural, instinctive and hot between Kort and Mia. The magic to save all three and bring them home requires Kort and Mia to blend their magic. And isn’t love magic?

A great cast, steamy scenes, well written and a dragon! What more could you want?

Adult Fairy Tale with Dragons, Elves, and Spice!
June 18, 2013
This review is from: Dragonstone (Kingdom of Chalvaren) (Kindle Edition)

Please note: Dragonstone is intended for mature audiences!!

The Dragonstone is a fist-sized amethyst that has been spoken about as purely a mythical treasure.

The Queen of Chalvarens, however, has paid a mercenary to locate the treasure, thought to have been taken to the land of humans ~ a one dimension hop from Chalvaren. This is where Kort, Prince of Chalvarens, has tracked the mercenary that double-crossed his mother and stole a dragon’s egg ~ the first theft in over 10,000 years. It made sense that the egg was stolen since the best way to locate the Dragonstone is with a dragon. Dragon’s have an affinity for both valuable objects and the arcane.

Kort is the eldest son but has no interest in securing the throne or choosing the future queen. His heart lies with dragons and building up the defenses of the kingdom he is one day rule over. He must find the dragonlet, that has since hatched and is now roaming free.

As Kort is tracking the baby dragon, he named Magnus, he happens upon a cottage that all but has a sign outside screaming “Elven” ~ in a world where elven things couldn’t or shouldn’t exist. And what he sees while trying to located said baby dragon, takes his breath away. An elven female from a long lost family of elves that disappeared has somehow managed to survive alongside the human world. Traitor or friend? Kort must now figure out why she’s here, where the Dragonstone is, and locate the starving, scare dragon before alerting the humans to their existence.

This is a very short little novella but the story is told so well. The plot is well defined and it’s easy to keep track of the storylines withing the pages. Dragonstone is a fairy tale for adults. Fantasy abounds (elves, dragons, etc.) and is tied up into a nice little romance, complete with spice and sensuality. Kort is a well-written hero that, although he’s not looking for a mate, finds one in the beautiful Mia. That’s how it usually works in reality, too. I met my husband during a time when I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Mia is a strong woman, left to fend for herself after an unfortunately accident claims the lives of those she loves. She lives among people unlike herself and manages to continue to do so….until a Demon Dragon comes flying into town. Now, Kort and Mia must work together to safely transport the baby dragon and the Dragonstone back to Chalvaren before the local villagers kill all three of them.

Dragonstone is an easy, fast-paced, enjoyable read!

Review Copy Courtesy Of: The Author, Paula Millhouse, via tour host, in exchange for an honest review.

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