Savannah Girl’s Three Wishes fantasy romance, Historic Savannah, St. Patrick's Day, Fairy Tale, Magical, Romance


Will Abby catch herself a leprechaun … ? 

…or is finding second chances at true love just too much to ask the universe?

When Savannah girl Abby O’Malley catches leprechaun Michael McKnight will he grant her three wishes? 

Rival Irishman Kevin Finnegan is determined to steal O’Malley’s Bar & Grill, an historic Savannah landmark on River Street. Abby must find a way to stop him—O’Malley’s is her inheritance, and all she has left to her name from her dear father Angus. 

Does Michael command the kind of magic she needs to set her world right and make her dreams come true?

Michael fell in love with Abby when they were teenagers. But he was punished by the fairy king for hoarding gold, forced to wear Kelly Green, and suffered banishment from his beloved Savannah for ten long years. 

But now, will getting caught by Abby be the end-game for him as a leprechaun? 

Will he give up his magic and gold to satisfy the whims of the fairy royalty? 

Or will granting Abby’s three wishes finally make all his dreams come true?

You’ll love this fantasy romance, because everyone loves a fairy tale with a couple who fights for a second chance at their happily-ever-after.

Get it now.



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