Are you looking for a spooky, suspenseful #Halloween #Read?

Chalvaren Rising is the book you want.


Dragons, elf, nobility, female protagonist, Kingdom of Chalvaren, Fantasy, Romance, Love, Paula Millhouse, Boroughs Publishing Group, Magic, Wizard, Witch, Family

This story has wizards.

Villain, Chalvaren Rising, Isa Ansgar, Dragons, Dragon Egg, Magic, Fantasy

A prophecy from old.

Mia Ansgar, Prophecy, Chalvaren Rising, Fantasy Romance, Paula Millhouse, Magic

A cast of dragon riders, warriors loyal to their king and queen.

Dragon Warriors, Chalvaren Rising, Fantasy Romance, Paula Millhouse

Dragons. This story has DRAGONS! (Did we mention the dragons?)


Dragons, Paula Millhouse, Kingdom of Chalvaren, Magnus

A searing high-heat magical romance.


Sex, Chalvaren Rising, Hard Coupling, Author Paula Millhouse. Fiction, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Boroughs Publishing Group

And a fantasy world so breathtaking we want you to come visit, pick out your favorite dragon, and learn to ride.

Ride a Dragon, Chalvaren Rising, Fiction, Paula Millhouse, Fantasy, Romance, Nove

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