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Savage Justice Romantic Suspense Series Book II 

Book Description

Former FBI hostage negotiator Nick Franklin finds himself falling hard for the love of his life, Evie Longfellow. When they connect their new lives together in the wilds of Northern Vermont their future looks promising, but the demons in Evie’s past threaten everything. When she realizes a series of mysterious murders are connected to the people in her books, she’s terrified revenge won’t let her rest.

Tia Marino figures her father’s last victim murdered him—Evie Longfellow—the girl who got away. Tia plans to kill Evie in front of her grandmother when she assumes Miss Aida’s place as the new queen of Marino Industries. When she resorts to murder, she’s delighted to discover how much she likes it. Hostile-takeovers have never seen the likes of Tia.

Nick’s not gonna have it. He’ll do anything to protect Evie and his family even if it means aligning himself with Miss Aida’s hit man, Tony Aiello. In a race against time to a showdown on the streets of Manhattan, Nick confronts his greatest fears to stop the copycat killers.

If you love romantic suspense you’ll love this fast-paced story because in the Savage Justice Series hot romance collides with the pulse of an edgy thriller.

Make THE COPYCAT KILLERS, Book II in the Savage Justice Series, your next new book today.

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